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  1. Hi there, Just a short question. I won't be logging in to my account for a couple of months, I simply cannot play for some time. The question is, is the account being deleted or something after any period of inactivity?
  2. Hi there! Are you recruiting low levels currently?
  3. Leveling to 20

    Hi there, I have been playing L2 in the past a lot, but leveing now is quite different from what I remember. Right now I am leveling towards Hawkeye and Tyrant BUT I am really struggling now: 1. My human is now level 15 and I wanted to do that quest where you are killing for water essences around waterfall, and I am getting completely smashed over there, I even used all my newbie potions, 2. My orc is now at the quest to kill Goblin Tomb Raider Leader but these guys have ridiculous amount of HP. I even have found out they should have around 210HP and in the game, it's almost 2000! Am I doing something wrong or something is seriously bugged over here?