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  1. Destroyer - 2H blunt vs sword

    Some say - Destro should have two or three weapons - blunt for stun, sword for fighting, bow for finishing when enemy is trying to escape. Im using 2H blunt because of stun. Im not clan member and I dont have CP, usually Im fighting on my own buffs so stun is important for me with 7 sec. stun I can kill monster with low losses of my HP (hit points) Compare my stats with 2H blunt and 2H sword Lesser Giant's Hammer PA/MA 96/47 Attack speed normal, Accuracy 8, Critical rate 6, weight 2100 Lesser Giant's Sword PA/MA 96/47 Attack speed normal, Critical rate 8, weight 2020 with Rage and Frenzy selfbuffs --> @LGH PA 262, MA 41, Accuracy 80(83 with selfbuff), P.Critical 74, Attack speed 379 @LGS PA 262, MA 41, Accuracy 72(75), P.Critical 95, Attack speed 379 I dont know how it will looks later, Destroyer has Sword Expert skill - bonus for 2H sword and then 2H sword will be more deadly.
  2. My nickname is Stormwrath - this is main character but I have also other classes.
  3. A way to log-in (tuto)

    Strange but IT WORKS!!!
  4. The client will be closed.

    Not for the fist time... the same troubles, once more... when Im playing 2-3 days something broke up and I cant play. I saw farawell here, Im thinking about that too... such game is poitnless.

    The same problem... not for the first time...
  6. Stuck in server select screen

    The same problem... I lost the whole weekend and still i cant play. There is even worse after update - I cant see server list and "client will be closed".
  7. L2 Classic NA Adem Report Bots

    I came back to this game but I think I will leave it again - because of bots... Im working so I cant play whole day, but I can pay for game, for potions fe hair changing If NCSOFT dont need my cash - I will find another game. I love L2, I spent a lot of time on it, I met many friends and I want to play good old L2. Because of bots I cant. Soon I will even not want to. DO something with sh.... bots. Please.