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  1. As for the class-by-race problem, I can think on 2 possibilities: As a example, I'll take a Human Tyrr who has dual Iss Doomcrayer (Orc). 1) The person create a new character, orc-race, level 1, and the current char is "transfered" to this one, just like Name Change service (which would be even more viable, as you have this service already). 2) The person must have a dual class compatible to this char. The Human would be Iss Hierophant (which would requires Chaos Essence to change to Doomcrayer). The first solution is my favorite.
  2. @Hime @Juji. Let's propose an event: Main to Dual. The person can swap your main to dual, only the "status". For example: I'm Feoh level X (main) and Aeore level Y (dual). Within this event, I could change once my Main to Dual, and I would be Aeore level Y (Main) and Feoh level X (Dual). I think level isn't the REAL problem here, but the impossibility to change our Main Class and feel obligated to create a whole new character. With Red Libra, we can change our Dual Class. Why not use this event to make this Main to Dual swap too? I'm pretty sure there is a lot of
  3. Yesterday I could log in, but today I got the same problem 4 times and I couldn't log in. Maybe it's not THAT fixed.
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