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  1. R110 Weapon Exchange?

    I'm guessing its for next build but we also received once in a while ago where latest build from korea can be patched into our current build. its up to dev to do it if they lazy well nothing we can say about it
  2. suggestion for PK

    I thought a special item or like blessing of protection buff from gk can save us from this PK they could sell it on store like other consumables where our character can not be killed by red or white
  3. Server Staus

    just use browser to check it no need to download the app they give specific time when the server will be up
  4. yea should just nerf adena rate beyond what we got now reduce it by alot more and bots will have hard time collecting adena for their customers all buy items from l2store
  5. ban???

    should extend blessing of protection to lvl80 at least and introduce special item on L2Store with 'pve mode on' where other players can not do us harm and it only applies as our character can not attack or be attack by another player character for a certain period of time or can be turn on and off like auto macro LOL
  6. Kamael Update?

    https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2classic/154/ well I give them a month or two to bring it here since we got easy xp anniversary event recently where people can get lvl up fast even not close to 80 but still alot of us reach 76+ what we do now when we at 3rd class job? new race to reroll is more logic way to proceed
  7. Etina's Fate Known Issues - October 2, 2018

    I like to report another bug. Wind of Bard for new character under Kekropus Letter quests do not reward XP 100%. I did not take any Dancing Cat Buff it also bugged my Character. I have made 3 new characters and at first it worked stacking both Dancing Cat Buff Lvl.2 and Wind of Bard 100% XP. After that I follow the Quest Line, the Buff did not appear. I do not know how to check whether XP gain more 100% or not after I finish each Kekropus Letter.
  8. Wind of Bard

    Hello Wind of Bard did not appear when delivering quest on Kekropus Letter or Queen Letter even with or without using Dancing Cat buff for newly created character on Main Class. Please investigate this issue and bots running around in Forsaken Plains, spot for quest what they doing there I cant understand it. Thanks.