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  1. There is not going to be 1k players spending 1k each. or 10k subscribers.
  2. Lag will dominate everyone. In second place, bots will once again show their power.
  3. Quit before you waste you time, or quit your job find a cp/ (AKA constant party) it doesn't get any easier.
  4. People worried about updates and most of the server cant log in or there is massive crashes, lag issues.
  5. Trading large amounts of adena, gear, and or botting could be the reason. If that is not the case, making usless post on the forum won't help. Make a ticket.
  6. Not true, players bot for personal gain with drops, adena, and exp. Botters are not just adena sellers.
  7. People pvp on the classic servers? Never seen any random pvp. So, unless you in a top clan, and siege a lot you're worrying about nothing.
  8. Anyone that just believes I was banned for "no reason" makes me laugh. Especially with a post count of 1-3.
  9. News flash those numbers are not real players, look at the shops. Back in c2 up to high 5 before it became free to play there were shops all the way down to WH keeper Taruin. This server is done, put a fork in it.
  10. Probably no answer because they know you cheated some how. Also, why would you think the forum is a better place to talk about being banned. No one pays attention to the forums as far as I can see.
  11. Sorry the people that actually quit aren't coming back. They left because of the p2w not because of exp and drops.
  12. Nope, because people with multi pc would have a huge advantage and still do.
  13. Because you forget the 500-1k people that are fishing. Which is just afkers. Most people standing around in town doing nothing.
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