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  1. People already are leaving, probably why they pushed a new update. Lots of less shops in towns, mats are hard to find. But hey, just get lucky find a party of other people like you to make a cp. Play 2-4 hours a day and you"ll be fine. Sarcasm*
  2. Spellbooks...

    I hate people like this, "if you don't like it leave" mentality, "this is the way the game was meant to be played", which it was not, rates are lower here than EU. "Weak people" You really have no idea on how games are meant to be played. There has to be a balance. Free players, spenders. Hardcore and casual. People with your outlook only push people away. If you want to play by yourself as the population dwindles, keep spewing this toxic idea that things can't change. Bots don't care how hard the servers is, so sooner or later you'll only be playing with them, as the game is not fun for the majority. No matter how hard the grind, and everything else that comes with this game. People WILL NOT play a game where they can't enjoy progression. Lets not mention the time it takes unless you constantly do the daily's. This is the poor game design that encourages boxes, botting, rmt, and other cheating aspects. The only thing that gives me hope is there are willing to give d grade weapons to people who get level 20 in the next update. The game previously learned from it's mistakes in updates drop rates inceased, free gear to returning players in high 5. Exp weekends. Gm buffs. etc.. As a player that has played since c2 most spell books were 100k-1kk not this 12 million bull-crap. Nostalgia only gets you so far. A small boost wont hurt anything if people cant maintain their own characters. Why are people buying adena? Because they cant get it their self. Not everyone was made to be rich, but something is wrong here. I know the response will be, it's a sprint not a race, yeah that is true. To bad games that take years for the average person fail. The phone game is doing way better than this and there is a reason for that.
  3. Ban for nothing ?

    How is anyone going to know if you really did nothing?
  4. TI NA

    American Looking for a clan on the Talking Island server to join. I don't have huge amounts of time so the clan should be casual. I can log in or leave characters logged in for clan buff. I love some pvp and would like some pve parties. Characters so far are soon to be BD lvl 33 PP lvl 33 and WC lvl 33. I figured I'd make buffers then a main later once I have more adena and buffs. The BD is the only character with decent gear. I have TOP D duals. Quest armor. I am vip3 on this guy Leave a message to Kursed in game with the mail system if you're interested. I can use discord but I choose not to talk.