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  1. Same here - gl guys I just don't have the possibility to spend 5+hours a day for grinding and fighting with bots and their retarded mains who bully you if you interfere with their botting. Worst of all is that it seems Dev's/GM's are lost without any clear vision and rules. Suggestion: Empower GM's to fix the issues as per community feedback?
  2. Happy I did research on forums before started to p(l)ay this bot-fest with amateur devs who can't fix the game. I am fine to pay monthly sub (did on WoW for 14 years) but it has to be professional product which works and brings fun (as you claim NCSoft). Is it so hard to employ 1 person to clean the servers from time to time? To me this all looks like a fail how to get money from last naive L2 nostalgic fans which is kinda sad.