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  1. I seem to remember it was 10% up until lvl 40, and 4% on lvl 40+
  2. Be patient folks. It's only a game. Great patch notes btw. It took someone awhile to put that content together and format it. They nearly didn't get it out in time though.
  3. The main L2 site (https://www.lineage2.com) is not accessible. You get redirected to https://classic.lineage2.com/ Then, when you click "Go to Lineage II Site >", you get redirected to https://www.lineage2.com which sends you back to the https://classic.lineage2.com.
  4. 1. Where you're from: SoCal 2. Char name and class: ThomasCovenant Orig Sorc, now Wynn - alt BarnesAndNoble Tyrr Maestro 3. Original server: Bartz - August 2004 4. Level and % today: 102 5. How many times did you quit and come back? I think once for 2 weeks
  5. Clean or Tyrr Reply here or email in game: ThomasCovenant
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