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  1. it's pure shit tbh, check how much arrows/mats/keymats/recs sell for
  2. Archangels are not suposed to be able to leave the room where Baium is, the only way is by bugging/glitching them.
  3. everything has 0 value, mobs barely drop any adena..... are you seriously trying to force ppl to pay in order to achive anything? what am I suposed to do with all the trash I pick up while lvling? just destroy it and give it no use at all? I don't remember any chronicle ever beeing like this, why you call this Classic if the game was never like this..... System chat no longer exists? am I suposed to have ppl talking, damage and drops all in same box? WTF?
  4. Looking for Clan

    I used to play here when Classic server went live, but left after few months, now I wanna come back but I realized all my adena i gone and all I have is my Avadon Heavy set so I'll prolly just sell it and reroll to archer or something easy to solo with, if theres any clan LF academy members and acepting them back after completing academy answer tot his post pls

    still need them? I have Reorin's Mold, Arcsmith' Anvil, Craftsman Mold, Blacksmiths Frame I think I have these, gotta check after restart, pm DwarfMamba or Ascot ingame
  6. Event Bug

    Event Keeps telling me that I alredy took the buff.... yesterday got same menssage "Didn't I tell you earlier? I only give the buff once a day!" But yesterday I couldn't take it, cuz I was geting this menssage. I went to sleep 5h b4 daily resets, and just woke up, which means I wasn't on at all since the buff refreshed and I still can't take it..... Any help? 2 days without reward isn't funny when everyone else is geting rewards...
  7. VIP queue ? new feature?

    IMO NCSoft need to able Auction House and disable player shops till the ammount of ppl lowers so ppl won't need to leave their boxes afk selling shlt in town
  8. VIP 4 QUEUE

    try fully restart the game.
  9. VIP 4 QUEUE

    they can't L2 max cap players is around 6k, 6k is alredy pushing it, they'd need to work the game not the server
  10. Please read this

    you don't even know what u're talking about at Lv20 u do a quest that gives u free fishing rod for 10 days(not one month) u expect ppl to w8 for it to finish and have to pay 20k a day so u can play? lmao
  11. 1 computer = 1 account

    yup cuz ppl are supossed to just throw a 20k daily 10day free item to waste just cuz crybabies want too, you'll be leaving soon anyways.
  12. 1 computer = 1 account

    jokes on you beet a better PC, I have a 5years old pc that costed me less then 400€back then and I can run arround 6accs of L2 on it, I just don't do it here cuz ogf the queue, but once crybabies like you start giving up cuz they can't log or they can't find parties(go solo), or the Exp is to hard, the sooner you leave the better.
  13. Must be nice

    LMAO I haven't used shots since Lv18, stop crying
  14. Spiritshot pack no longer available

    the quest should be fixed now, just go do it, cuz the only reason there was a free pack is cuz a quest was bugged and when u selected Spiritshots as reward it'd give you soulshots instead.