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  1. That was for sure a dirty move from the administration to remove such items from drop list and force normal players to IF WANT to unseal an A/ S grade armor, need to spend real Money to HAVE A CHANCE to get cloth pieces from loots boxes which are expensive and we don't even have access to the % of each item you can get on it. Last Heartbox event many whales bought the boxes and got tons of cloth pieces and other stuff, while the top clans needed to fight eachother to control zaken. Many rich players were iluded with the chance of getting those A+16/ S+16 weapons, but the chance were so small that some even have regreted buying those boxes. Baium is bugged, it was supposed to drop cloth pieces aswell, not only zaken, and the support staff mentioned it their drop info doesnt meet the l2wiki info. They dont have their own data info and doesn't share with the community the exact percentages / drop rates of the items they are asked on tickets. I agree with eddie, its a shame for the ncsoft to remove the cloths and IEWB from zaken drop list, Only few spots on ketra/ varkas have the mobs which are supposed to drop cloths but they have chances near 0 but most closelly to impossible, unless u are vip 10 on a spoiler and farm nonstop for 24/7 to drop 1 for week. The staff should rethink what they are planning for the future and health of the server. TI server player.
  2. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    that's what you've been asking since december.. didn't liked? i can smell some regrets in the air
  3. ok, mobs were hitting 6k, now they will hit 600 less, very good nerf
  4. Screen Shot Contest Winner Announcement

    maybe all the ss's submited are from ppl not from USA or canada, and there's no winners lol
  5. Agathion soulstone

    there's few normal EWA on Market bcuz nobody was killing the lv 80 raids for a while, too much work involved to climb toi 1 to 13 for such low grade drops.
  6. would be interesting to add the dolls 30d / permanente to the drop of the epics
  7. could at least put something to make ppl fight for it, not only teleport and /attack.
  8. it's considered exploiting doing this to kill baium? bug the raid fighters on another floor incapacitating them to come back to the original Spawn. On the user agreement section 8 "d" - PROHIBITED AND IRREPARABLY HARMFUL ACTIVITIES CONCERNING NCSOFT - Use, or provide others with, any "hack," "cheat," "exploit" or "mod" also on the rules of conduct section 18- You will not exploit any bug in Lineage II and you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits) either directly or through public posting, to any other user of Lineage II. Bugs should be promptly reported via 'Ask A Question' at http://help.ncsoft.com archangels bugged on another floor: https://imgur.com/zq81VD9 baium was killed 2 times using the same exploit and today they were caught in the act. knowing this is a bug and should be reported, they have choosen to take advantage of it. moderation edit: removed names
  9. Classic Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    Extend the server boost for more 2 weeks, take 4game example, give extra boosts to keep the players at home.
  10. and and now you are crying for being retaliated, asking for zaken to not be resetable and lvl 80 for not nerf
  11. isn't trash talk, i'm just bringging the reality you want to this server. PVE forever. "for more pvp / competition"? like zaken? where you fail 2/3 times and log off? for this you want to change it? wow such a difference. There is a bunch of content like varkas, ketra, LoA, DV, Forgoten Isle, Imperial tomb. You have more people lvl 82+ than my party.
  12. Just say it, you want the whole server only for you to free farm against mobs and have a "beauty" char to show off on printscreens. You've pushed this clan to nowadays w/o the need to fight for something dude, never had the courage to open war with anyone, even when there was the event of 0 xp loss you had the courage to pvp for something. You preffer wasting adena from 1.8bi adena from 2 sieges to pay 4/5 people to help you to defend the castle against 9 players. You have invested Time and Ncoins to kill mobs / RBs, when your were 3 months free solo killing zaken, anakim, lilith were you pvping with someone? there were anything to complain about nerf / resets? When you realy needed to pvp for something? you just SOE and let it go. It Were all good until some people decide do get out of their confort zone to do something against and shake the things up a little. You saw we don't care about them being nerfed, can do it as much as you can, but you only complain against something when the thing isn't favorable for you. Should think over what you are doing. I have already told you the price of the jewels in adena, but you don't want to pay it, so you'll never have it. When you go nerf it, you're just make the things even more expensive and exclusive lol It's a surprise for me how 9 organized guys can do against 40+ people.
  13. you and your clan are the guys who are nerfing them lol
  14. XP bônus not working for solo, only working 50% for pt hunting.
  15. ok, loop macros are back but seems to be bugged. i have none skills marked as autoreuse and they are being used. It's locked with the last macro i have put at the auto hunting box before the last update? @Juji