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  1. but why though, why do you need best weapons what are you going to use them for. PVP? is the primary goal pvp at town gates and Olympiad? Am I guessing it right?
  2. I can answer these questions for other mmos, but not lineage 2. What is your personal end-game goal in Lineage 2? What do you level your character to for? What is your gameplay look like when you hit the max?
  3. I am main knight actually. So whats good for knight. I also noticed you can pick subclass from the same category now, for example on my Titan I was able to pick Warlord as subclass. both warrior types. Is that temporary? Is this whole Tarti quest line temporary?
  4. Are we allowed to pick any regular skill form our subclasS? anything we want?
  5. I'm probing to find out basic info, I failed to find anywhere. Here's the magical Question: what are the spells that we can learn from the sub-classes and where can we see the spells. I'm not talking about Skills but spells. for example I was advised to get Blade dancer as a dual class on my Enchanter because it apparently has Warrior V2. (I'm assuming that's a spell) so where do I find which classes offer which spell as subclass?
  6. Insert media doesn't work, Every image sharing service provides shortened url and not direct address to images. I see some people do it, so how? bb foru codes also do not work here.
  7. it doesn't say though which subclass gives what skill. also can I pick the same class twice?
  8. Is this still valid? https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/skillcertification https://imgur.com/6U41SPP
  9. What is good Dual class for ISS Hierophant after the patch?
  10. Is there a list where we can look which skills and benefits can we get from subclasses? I can't find anywhere this info.
  11. Since patch especially all ISS Enchanters lose their magic edge. What would be most optimal abilities for ISS Hierophant? (approximately LVL 87 ) Could someone knowledgeable make a post and list most optimal abilities for each class? That'd be great.
  12. what do these mean. In clan window there is Karma > Networking, Hunting, Misc. Party > some number I don't understand,
  13. how do i exchange expertise R99 box? do I open it first? and what npc, i went to one in heine Fishing guild leader , i got no options for exchange
  14. I find L2 in-game "community" to appear very anti-social compared to other games. Usually can't shut people up in towns in other mmorpgs. In lineage sometimes you wonder if everyone is a bot. Nobody is going to respond to a PM, everyone appears to be extremely busy. No casual chat in towns of ANY kind between ANYONE, except spams for selling items, that's it. Very odd. why is that?
  15. 1. What is the purpose of having additional subclasses? Can't level them beyond 80 so whats the point? 2. when you take subclass, does that subclass receive racial bonus of that race it represents or you keep your original. (will human fighter get DE racial stats if takes BD subclass? or no)
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