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  1. You can enjoy? idk, servers atm full bots, adena sellers, and be sure soon l2 store pay to win items will come...the only good thing i see here is u know server will stay online some years but if i m honest l2 is bleeped, in ncwest even more cuz seems they dont give a bleep about situation, ncwest = minimum effort & maximum profit. run my friend... run away!!!
  2. mmmmmm I have seen lot of bot summoners buffless in +55 lv zone... and I bet he get at least 20 report even more from lv1 and they still playing!!!! buddy bot report or video is just a waste of time...if antibot dont work they need to put some ALIVE GM ingame and ban 1 by 1, then maybe we will see less high level bots but ncwest is maybe (maybe?) the worst l2 company u can see...playing here since 2.012 still duno why lol and I see GM just 6-7 times in safe zone giving buffs 20 minuts...ncwest 0 effort max profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have 10 accounts + 40/46 lv (best level 46 and u can do both instances +40-+45lv) and do several dungeon aden instance x day (with each one) just share equipment to char and u will get eac/ewc/some good book, dim blessings (rare) with luck get the key killing the unwordly mob and kill the special mob and get jewel/armor part and with epic luck C-weapon is how i make some adenas instead of fight for good spot plenty of bots or play during hours for low adena and 0 drops/books, this take some time, true, but when u finish all is a good way to farm adenas with the epic fail rates in l2 classic
  4. When I see today buffless/shotless sumoners bots in +55 area... I know ncwest is doing nothing..I dont waste my time recording or using bot report button bcs wont change nothing, is really painfull & discouraging play by hand 100% legit and see bots at ur level full automated with 100% beneffit "crap weapon crap set and wasting 0 adena on shots" giving all adena and drops to adena sellers and some "top" player...lv55 bots... are you serious?
  5. I'm ok in Gludio server, the only problem for me are the bleeping bots, they are everywhere stoling the best spots to legit players...u kill em and they back auto mode to same spot.. and with the "marvelous" pk system is a waste of time.
  6. What u want 4 cat buff x day? xDD the description is not accurate, u get 4 cat buff the moment u click npc,then next 4 days u cant get more then yes is 1 x day even more, 4 + 4 u can get in 1 week in 2 different days (4 days later from last purchase)
  7. Playing here since January 2.012 mate!!! and 0 ban coming to me or any member of my cp or any close friend who i know is 100% legit, sorri but i still cant believe legit player get ban for no reason lol keep crying.
  8. I love when a cheater cry for ban hahaha play legit and u will never be banned!!!!!!!! I NEVER SEE A 100% LEGIT PLAYER BANNED!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!
  9. Hime Darling when will be a week (or month) of free teleports? I want freedom of movement cuz I live in aden scared to use gatekeeper more than once x day!
  10. Is not bad event at all, only spenders can join the event who are the guys who support the servers and the 5 minuts boost buff is nice and is for all players I was expecting better event but...still better than nothing.
  11. The big problem is we are playing with the worst drop/spoil/adena % rate, as always ncwest is the worst l2 version (classic/live servers) compared to russian, EU, Japan, korean servers lol Is like some skill books who are hard to get but here are even harder,,, 0'01%-0'05% is the chance in "normal" l2 classic but here is even worse,,,,welcome to ncwest the worst server where u can play if u dont spend ridicolous quanitys of real money, same happens with vip status and the coins u get farming who you can change for mats...., they dont even need make spoiler to farm mats, here a free to
  12. I m Tyrant with prophet + bladedancer and work fine for me, I see some who choose elder for recharge and bladedancer, or prophet + sws etc etc the good thing from bd is u get cool critikal damage buff from lv40 and with sws u need to wait till lv 48-52 for get some cool and useful song I find a guide time ago from testsujin who play in classic europe server about tyrants maybe it will help you! https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/655910/
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