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  1. Dragon pendants event details

    Let me answer to ur question, since i've been in this server (NA server) for quite a lot : No. After the maintenance of the 27th pendants will be removed FROM STORE. It means that you will still be able to do ANYTHING you want with the pendants around (enchanting it, levelling it, selling it etc) but you wont be able to buy them again from store, in case of failure. Next would probably be a new p2w item OR nothing for a few weeks before putting up a new p2w item. For sure, pendants will be back again, later on. So if you had no chance of buying them now, you would in the future. Not sure if this is sarcasm or you're serious. Thanks for the good laugh tho, really appreciated.
  2. +1 quit list

    You can't solo RBs here with 1 pt of CM.
  3. Fix adena!!!

    That's for lv 7 vip, beside that, check the item drop rate. Lv 1 is 50%, like our lv 4. Their lv 4 is 250%, it means that rates would get balanced. Rates in our server are WAY WAY WAY lower than EU server, but EU run a p2p model. If you increase drop rate by 250% you should be good enough to allow you not to waste 50 hours attempting to drop just a single book. And actually, wish this was OUR p2w, sadly, we got this and p2w items.
  4. They lack the resources, i guess. Actually they CAN'T do anything w/o permission. They don't have a p2p project AND it wont give them a worthy profit. For them is way better to just leave this f2p, allow bots and everything illegal and put in every p2w items they can, so they can milk more. Turning the server into p2p would mean to have active staff to solve asap every problem because you're PAYING to play. So they MUST give you support. But as you can see, they don't care. IG gms are dead since f2p, getting an answer by the helpers is near to impossible as well with looong and useless answers. Only 1 kind of their "support" is working. The forum one. Forum GM's are useless for things that are not concerned to the forum, this means, they can't help you with IG problems or such things. They can only manage the forum. If their IG and support staff were actives and operating like forum's one, we wont be having such problems.
  5. Max lvl

    1) There's no level cap in classic version. AFAIK there are quite some levels 77-79, probably even a lv 80. 2) You will find players in every level range, lots of bots for sure. Live players, those left at least, should be around 52-61+ (actually even more like 60-70+).
  6. Fix adena!!!

    IDK what you guys are talking about. We're under a fake "free to play rates"...just saying : Japan classic server is free to play, as well as our, guess what? Their adena drop rate is almost twice our, drop rate is slighty better BUT their VIP system is not like our. This is the differene between JP and NA VIP tiers. Beside the fact their bonus goes up to lv 7, take as example the differences between our lv 1-4 and their lv 1-4. Can't you guys notice something SLIGHTLY off? GG, lol.
  7. M.Critical Damage / P.Critical Damage

    No idea what you're saying BUT Not sure how the "m. critical damage +X" works since it's not %...it's the first time we have such a stats. Not the first, actually, in the live server we got the hats with crt dmg, but that's a really low ammount...here, for a pendant lv 3 +9, we talk about over 1000 points...if this works the same way as the physical one, for the daggers, rest assure that 1000 points are broken OP. If it's the same as vicious stance (it makes critical almost going up of the number it state, for example if you crit for 500 and active VS with +100 power, you will crit around 570-600+) then it would mean that a mage landing a normal crit for 2000 will start landing over 2700-3000+ dmg...i don't remember if the crt dmg base for nuker is 2x the damage (1000 > 2000). Just think about how OP is the damage upon critical of someone with lv 4 pendants to +7-9..boosting both "critical damage" and "critical damage %". Good luck standing a mage, dagger or archer critical hit.
  8. what mean M. acuracy? debuff chance?

    M accuracy mean magic accuracy. It increase the chance of landing a magical hit. Its the same as the accuracy, but magical.
  9. wtf u did

    I was speaking with a friend of mine from skynets, beside the fact he told me that the clan left the server of giran, meaning we lost 1 of the 2 factions of the server, he also told me that quite some players got the pendants 4-5 to +9...and yeah, all of them spent around 1k euro. So 1 player alone may spend the same amount of 20 players for the monthly rune. GGWP. And this is just ONE of the several p2w event coming up, good luck I'd like to say that server would be still worth to play to just chill and relax...BUT NOPE. Bots and free-to-play rates.
  10. which pendant for BD ?

    DPS setup = Fire Defense setup = Earth Wind = It's good for MP/HP...sooo...meh. Earth gives p.def and m.def...you wont need shield def rate since you need duals. And the skill is good anyway. If you're active and DD, go for the Fire. If you wanna stand more, go for earth. If you wanna go for MP regen/consumption, go for wind. (earth is green and wind is white, right?)
  11. wtf u did

    This does pretty much no difference...looks like the wave of quitters has begun. Anyway, pretty sure that having a sample of 300 players, it may be true. Not that they will go and get a lv 5 +10, but as i could see, lv 5 and +9 are easy, due to the 'special varnish'...sooo...how many attempts you think it'll get to make pendant lv 4 or 5? And how many fails they will get to +10 with a safe up to +9 with special varnish? A lv 4 +9 is still quite broken OP. If you're lucky, maybe you can get it with 100 euros (2 attempts) otherwise, you may need more. Pretty sure top CPs will go for it. Anyway, p2w players will stay and buy, pretty sure, the f2p players will quit. And it seems that lots of players are leaving for this. EU server trolling NA server is epic btw, lol.
  12. wtf u did

    Wanna talk about fire pendant with 500 crt dmg and +15% crt dmg? GL standing a PR critical hit or a dagger's backstab. Not to mention magical crt dmg +1400 and crt dmg +15% as well. If they wanted to put some sort of "p2w" items, they could have make a limit to enchant to +5. Broken but meeeh, still possible to fight. Ofc not, let's just break the game. There are LOTS of lv 4 +9 already and i see lots of lv 5 from top-clans in Giran already. Can the dude who told me "3000 sheeps buying Rune >>> 1000 sheeps buying P2W items" come and try again? 'cause i'm pretty sure i won the discussion. 1000 sheeps buying p2w and runes >>>>>>>
  13. Do you guys still believe in what they said in that live? They said we had cap lv at 70, and we didn't. They later make a "change of heart" saying that it was the "game content" capped to 70, still wrong. They said we had a "improvement in quality of life" and instead, we ended up with halved rates and a totaly modified version of the "level up-reward" system. They just lie. Or, i mean, we all know who's the community manager.
  14. Raid Boss Low Level

    2 pts if you got full buffs and top gear. You need around 40-50+ players to hunt a RB and with decent gear. RBs will go zerk after 20-30 mins, so you need to kill it before this happen.
  15. People will bring CMs and ++++D weaps even at 60+ raid bosses, that wont change. If we had runes from any raid 20+ that would give, more or less, a chance to everyone to farm in the different ranges. But actually, thinking about it, either ways would be bad. I play in Giran and there's one guy, a tank (with a name that actually suits him well) that buff and reset bosses even at lv 20-30. Why? Who knows, probably he needs to RMT. At the same time, the high level raids, are still impossible to get (60+) 'cause either you got random CCs to steal or you got the 3-4 "factions" to fight for them but they always have that over-level tank that takes away the aggro of a lower level tank who was tanking the raid for 15 mins and reset it. Sooo...they should fix raids in the first place. Make them impossible to buff (since you can buff everything on raids [no party buffs] but not bless the soul and bless the body, i wonder why those are locked and everything else is not.) and make them so they can't be reset (instead of making the RB run away and then reset, just make it so that after X range he will run back to the spawn point and immune to debuffs so they wont force him to go crazy...but no full HP regen).