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  1. after some months i have to say goodbye to this game classic now is just a big place full of bots it's impossible to achieve some things like specific drops (spellbooks for example in ivory tower) if u do not have a bot i wish some day there will be a serious staff into it like active GMs and start from zero for now i will make like any person: sell my stuff to some stupid begginer PLEASE NCSOFT: KICK THIS CLASSIC STAFF THEY R USELESS!!!!!!!!!
  2. event problem on withdrawn of warehouse

    u make me sad
  3. Hello, my friend has only 1 char in account and one character in Giran server. He can't take items from warehouse and didn't get any event bonus His nickname is lCert Can you guys check plz?
  4. nice update.. this is what i needed to leave this game: p2w stuff thx for ruin everything ncsoft
  5. Lineage II Classic: Saviors Coming February 27

    i coudn't register in time gmt-3 why this?