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  1. Enchant exploit

    as some one who did a lot of enchanting on live with D stuff this is not possible with the server status maybe 2 or 3 made from luck the guy on the first page was right with the number 2187/78125 but he looked a the wrong side of the equation , yes it is a almost 3 % but look at the bottom number that how many enchants you need . there just wasent eneugf on the server for this to happen
  2. bit insane imo even more so since it ticks down when offline, i would think it would be ok if it only counted online time
  3. ok maybe you get some but if we say 100 a day thats 11 days of a shop up to get enough to craft 1 its just not gonna happen
  4. also your mat prices are wayyyyyyy off varnish on TI in sell shops is about 300 per iron ore around 2-250 no one will sell you any at 100 trust me i have tried lol
  5. you are hunting the wrong places if you only goy 7 cbp in 2 hours
  6. Best Trio with Spoiler!

    ya I am a Scavy main with a WS and a PP I do use poles though. I farmed up to 23 with blunts and had the WS just assist then stun on the mobs and it was a decent kill rate I also set the pp up with an assist macro too for field hunting it did add a decent bit of dd. I am looking at maybe adding a se as a 4th for mana but right now I am doing ok at partisans it was a little rough at 25 but at 30 its easy it is really dependent on the spot your at and the spawn rate of the room as for the ideas of a wl my theory is the spoiling is the main goal and if your doing pole arms the only character you are always 100% sure of the location of is your main so I'm not sure how well it would work trying to get festival cast in the right place
  7. Enlighten Us

    and you wonder why you dont get help enjoy being pore
  8. Enlighten Us

    so part of the reason people wont share is that will hurt there market. im only playing lightly 24 atm on a dwarf but i have 2 d weapons 3-4 ng a decent stockpile of mats and about 200k in cash not rolling in it but i am comfortable here is one way that a lot of people did make money the box event sit down there instead of selling in town wake up to 40-50 boxes maybe you get lucky maybe not. another current way make a level 1 dwarf and go spoil base mat recipes and sell them for 4k or so each a lot pf people leveled right past those mobs when the spawn was broken i think steel only spoils from a level 8 mob as for the guy complaining about a spot so spoil charcoal why ? you can spoil cokes off of the orcs in the plains of Dion at a rate of about 1 in 12 thats like spoiling 3 and 3 coal for only 12 mobs, you have to think smart about what your doing for money the advantage of a dwarf is not to go out and spoil 100 a bones on 300 mobs its to spoil 100 cbp out of 300 mobs no one but a dwarf can even dream of something like that
  9. this is insane it needs to be fixed now
  10. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    i have seen this soo many times its just dumb, you cant get to be a vip unless you are logged in to the server so if you cant login they cant get you to spend your money on vip
  11. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    i know the error your talking about it seams to be once you made it to the front and got your time out some sort of flag is still on your account marking it as in use so you cant attempt to authenticate again
  12. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    according to the known issues thread ( below) it is a time out when your at the front. and from my experiences today this seams accurate the only timers i have had the client close is when i was in the single digits of the que or on the character screen , there seams to be a polling wait time in how often it refreshes the que number as well so it might say you are in 5 but you already connected and lost your 5 second window to login before the number updated
  13. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    wrong the time in que is not counted the problem is once the game senses your connected to the server your limited to a 10 second time out ( to select your character and enter pin or create a new one) o and it seams to be counting loading time too
  14. Mamene I'm naked

    theres 1 at 25 as well for a full d set