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  1. Which server are you on? I'm 37 atm, and will probably be leveling some other toons to 40 soon also. Right now just messing around mostly trying to decide what to make. Currently I'm a crafter.
  2. kittea

    New Players

    Are there any other new players(rerollers) on Giran? Feel free to mail KitteaKat in game if you want to hang out. I might not see pm so mail is better.
  3. Is there a source for macros in general. Not the old sources that just tell commands but those that actually explain macros you can use for certain classes. I feel confused about buffs because I saw a video that said you can auto buffs, and it won't spam. Is this true?
  4. I wasn't able to get it either. I think it's gone from the game. The quest do make leveling way better though. Are you on TI or Giran?
  5. So the healer can detect a party members hp amount now? (by using legal programs)
  6. Hi All, I just came back to game and am looking to start a clan for new players/active alts. I'm looking for people who are social when they are on. I don't expect people to be on 24/7 but it is nice to have people who can log in daily to hang out. Please send a mail in game on the Giran server to KitteaKat to find out more.
  7. Just curious what everyone thinks the best party set up is for xping/pvp. Thinking of coming back to game with some friends.
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