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  1. Hi I'm a relatively new L2 player looking for a guild to get my hands into the game. Currently leveling and plan to play as a Elven Elder currently level 21 and grinding fast! I see your a EST based clan which is perfect for me as I too live in EST(NY). Would love to join and find some cool people to learn from and become a better L2 player!
  2. Can't Connect to Server?

    Just started playing this game on monday, after recent serve maintenances I can't log in past the server selection. Why?
  3. Bug in login

    Can't log into any server for me...

    Getting this in any server I try to log in on
  5. The client will be closed.

    Getting the same thing also...
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Since this maintenance I can't log into any server?? Just started playing on Monday and already game is like nah you can quit...