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  1. Reward coins from 76+ mobs

    doom knight also dont drop also
  2. Olympiad Week 2

    u forgot about pony mate
  3. Status -Discord L2 servers

    sent me also please
  4. i'm playing this server from 2 months didn't saw single bot lol.
  5. Warlock - tips

    i am already warlock lvl 56 farming EV and PP 60 lvl out of party bo buff killing really ez with Kai cat
  6. Warlock - tips

    Thx for answer bro !:) Atm I am using crystal dagger + theca set, thinking about BW light or heavy. Going fully meelee - cat + me autoattack making dmg. Don't want to use nuk I think. What u Think?
  7. Hello I am looking for some guide for warlock I mean I looking for PvE build typical meelee solo or duo. 1. Weapons setup. 2. Which set? (BW light, BW hv or what?) 3. Dye. Any tips and help are welcome