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  1. Rate Class

    Sws or BD
  2. email your winners

    Still no email sent to me at least. Who would i need to send info and what info to they need to get said prizes won?
  3. Dont forget to email your winners of contest so they can get their IRL Loot!!!!!!
  4. Contest

    Who won?
  5. Yes i know that. But when you purchase a ncoin card from gamestop there is a promotion that gives you s grade weapon scroll with the applied ncooin code.
  6. I have a code to apply towards live server from buying ncoin card from gamestop. Is there any plans to allow code to be applied for some sort of bonus in classic server?
  7. Brothers Bound in Chains Quest Bug

    After you summon sin eater, there is a skill that shows in your skills list. pop that and you get a 1 hour buff that allows you to collect as you kill.
  8. Hey would you guys consider maybe a noble port event or as an addition to this nice weekend exp boost.
  9. lineage 1

    PLEASE bring Lineage 1 back to the usa with a subscription fee! I love you long time!
  10. I see it like this. Every ones on a level playing field. You can do what the guys next to you making millions a week is doing, but you don't. FYI , I do agree adena rates need fixing, but hey like i said its level playing field. Enjoy!
  11. Different Level 55 Issue

    Death at 55 when not at a safe % drops you So a 4% death at 55 is a lot higher than 54.But if not at that safe % it scales each percent as if you where 55 and you end up a ton % lower than 4%
  12. -.0000009% on drops of full items across the board. Now THIS makes no sense to me. Yes minus....no chance of drop. Idiot me, I hunted formor for i dont know how long til I realized the rate was Zero chance.
  13. They found an area that actually pays out when you hunt there. Being fixed ASAP.
  14. I am looking forward to them. I will immediately buy as many as I can. I will then seek out and slaughter every little piece of crap that has stolen packs of monsters from me , and then stood there and said kill me...no balls. Then I kill them, go red. Now I wont have to worry about dropping crap to a person that griefs me, and then calls a pack of wolves to come kill me. ++++PK scrolls
  15. No longer a kids game....I mean 50 bucks allowance a month....nope