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  1. Talisman leveling info plz

    also would like to see the effects of the super runes. I heard some give skill boosts?
  2. Several days of that awesome sp and exp just gone. Any information on what the shop item you talked about or what the devs are deciding to do?
  3. Olympiad Fail

    OMFG Yes +!......Please fix that land rate or something this is stupid. perma kissing walls during a match is just frustrating.
  4. The 150% is a very nice thing, ty. But we really need a extreme boost in SP to make up for the loss of the cake. I was able to get 2 skills sometimes 3 after a cake. Now i struggle to get one per day. Please consider adding something to make up for this. Please and ty.
  5. Ncoin cards bought at store

    never mind, it has been changed to R grade .....
  6. Now that S grade is in classic , can you have them allow us to apply codes from cards to classic server. Each 50 dollar card gives a free S enchant weapon scroll.
  7. OMG FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided it was time to prove my manhood, so i joined Olympiad to do so! I found myself very afraid in 75% of my matches. I ran to the wall many times yelling, Not the face! Not the Face! Fix fear....thx
  8. My free service is going down so they can actually fix something. This adds more sand to my crack . I demand compensation......... You guys are ass hats.
  9. OMG that Fear.... 100% . Any Ideas?
  10. Lost loot on non mele toons

    Tried the short distance targeting and no luck. Items are still to far away. As far as spawn rate , well...its slow....ish and spread out where short distance doesnt target them. etc...
  11. I tried every type of macro available to get all loot that drops and no luck. I need a looting macro for a solo archer. I do not want to run any other toons with the archer. Requesting auto loot basically to do exactly what adena does and go to your inventory. I do not see any possible issues with doing this, except lowbies cant trail behind me and grab loot.
  12. Have not seen a letter , so....whats coming up in events/content/fixes in our near future.
  13. As soon as I heard of the pendant event, I took a second mortgage out on my home. I wanted to make sure I had enough money to shop til I dropped in the L2 store. The day of the event came, and i dove right in. One grand for as many fire pendant boxes as i could get for the first 1 hour of fun. Oddly I was interrupted my my wife of 20 years , she wanted the divorce paper work signed here and now. Something about addiction and I don't know I zoned out after that thinking about my soon to be level 5 +10 Fire Pendant!!! 2nd hour I made sure I spent all the money i had from taking out 2nd mortgage so she could have none. Don't need her, I got Lineage and they take care of me.Several hours of clicking and dreaming I still did not meet my goal.I fell asleep in my computer chair. I was rudely woken my sheriff and her lawyer the next day! Was told to grab my things I had to leave, divorce was finalized that day. I only requested my trust Dell pentium 2 1.2 mghz laptop and my wallet, its all I really needed. I knew what had to be done as soon as I walked out the door. First thing I saw was this huge refrigerator box. I dragged it to the back of what use to be my property, and entered the woods.Home sweet Home! Ah crap 1 issue, I gotta keep this laptop charged to play L2 and get that pendant. BAM! I remembered I had 100 bucks stashed in my wallet. I ran down to Lowes a mile down the road and purchased a 500 foot white extension cord.Yes white! There is a lot of snow on the ground and I wanted it to blend in. ok charging issue fixed. Housing is covered. I played L2 and clicked more boxes til I passed out. I woke up next morning hungry, but I was warm because the laptop usually over heats but the winter weather kept it running and it in return kept me warm! Trusty laptop indeed! Anyways, I waited til my now ex wife left for work and tried to get in to get some food. My own dogs would not let me near the door. I decided I would eat their out door food , but they refused to share. I went back to my box hungry. As I entered my box , to my surprise, the neighbors dog was in there. He had brought a milk bone and a beef flavored rawhide. I think he winked at me. yep definitely he winked. I reached for the milk bone, but he growled at me. Jesus whats this dog want. He then mounted my leg and had his way with my leg. He dropped another milk bone and left. I ate all that he left and had the energy to continue my dream of the +5 level 10. I jumped right in. Once again I fell asleep with no success, I know tomorrows the day I thought. I woke up the next morning to the sound of something hitting the box floor, it was the neighbors dog, and this time he brought a Bagon Strip! Oh was that a wink.....Long story short me and the dog have an arrangement. I eat and my leg is his. I am good with all this, as I have my L2 , housing, and a supply of food. I am down to my last 4003 ncoin and i know this is the day! I got this! F