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  1. Clan arena this sunday everyone so don't forget! For anyone interested, we are still recruiting so hit me up.
  2. Keep up that grind everyone, you are doing great so far! Also we are still recruiting so if you have any questions feel free to message me on discord LatestCrowd#7594, or in game on RenaBloodPakt. Looking forward to meeting all potential new members.
  3. Just to let everyone know that we still are actively recruiting so if you are looking for a clan/community to chill with then hit us up. You can PM me in game when I am online or you can even message me on discord. my discord tag is LatestCrowd#7594
  4. Welcome to the community and guild, Tiralyn! Great job everyone on getting the guild to level 5!!!!!!!! Next stop is clan raids, we can do this. We are still recruiting so if anyone is interested in joining, either make an introduction post on our forums or if you aren't sure about us and need to contact us. Message RenaBloodPakt, Arella, or Mishi in game. We are happy to help.
  5. There are still plenty of spots in guild if anyone is looking to join, Just PM RenaBloodPakt, Mishi, WintairShade in game and we will have a little chat with you. We are soon to be guild level 5 as well!
  6. Nice job everyone with jumping in levels during this event.Raid Bosses here we come. We are still recruiting as well. If you are looking to join, you can message me in game (RenaBloodPakt) or visit our website and read the charter. Maybe you will find a very nice group of people to game with!
  7. Nice job getting to 40's everyone but keep up the grinding cause 55 is a nice goal!
  8. Good Job everyone on 10% passive exp buff!
  9. This community is everything anyone could want in a group of people.Tenacious isn't just a guild in a game, it is a place where you can come hang out and meet/befriend like-minded individuals. (Some more like-minded than others)