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  1. I can not accept it. I really want to believe that you have an interest in solving this problem, because honestly it does not seem to be a priority. The game loses players every day. An official game is managing to lose players to illegal servers. The adena being sold to 1 dollar the kk in diverse groups of Facebook, Sites and Etc. Bots are everywhere, nor do they need to hide as they do on illegal servers. Bots in Cruma, Bots in Floran, Bots in Garden Flower, Bots in Ant Nest, Bots in Enchanted Valley, Bots in ALL PLACES OF THE GAME, day after day, endlessly farming. There are bots doing bosses, bots everywhere, walking through the bare cities to give delevel, walking together in groups of 6 or more! It is so explicit that it would suffice for a GM to make a round, once a day, at the main points of the game, at high adena drop or drop sites of valuable items and easily find the bots. Make me believe that you really want to end this, because what I see is a server taken over by robots accounts.