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  1. I'm semi-new, started a month ago, and was quickly discouraged when i got to the massive bot farms in Ruins and Camp. Right when i was about to give up, the patch hit and these places have been completely empty of bot farms ever since and the game has been very enjoyable lately. Enough to keep me here truckin along and trying new classes and about to settle in for the long run towards end game. TY Devs
  2. Plains Walker, my first character.
  3. haha look at the botters hating on your thread. This update is AMAZING Abandoned Camp is actually ABANDONED
  4. I cant find these anywhere. Nobody sells them in Giran either. Feeling a bit lost here.
  5. it just disappeared on me when i was moving and clicking on open windows and i can't figure out how to fix it.
  6. Thanks for the help, i appreciate it. I'm a Phantom Ranger so i was looking for a bow now that i hit lvl 40. I found the D and C grade weapon shops, and i could manage the Adena over time so that's good, but i did see some A grade player vendor shops selling weapons for between 9kk-100kk. So now i'm wondering if it would be better to just buy a D grade from the shop, skip over C grade and just farm until i get lucky and see an A grade bow for maybe 10kk hopefully. I never see any C or D grades for sale by players though, and the few B grade i've seen weren't bows. Would it be viable to s
  7. So i got the free dual-blades and moon armor, and i'm closing in on level 40, and i'm wondering what i should prepare for next towards upgrades when the dual-blades expire. Is it best to buy from NPC merchants? I have seen D-Grade on them, do they sell higher grades? I also see Player vendors selling amazing weapons, but they seem to be end game weapons and for ten's of millions. So I'm wondering what the best path would be for me. Do i buy the D-grade from the NPC and save up for the mega million top tier weapons on player vendors? Do i make a Warsmith and craft my own weapons? Is there
  8. Hi i'm new too, you should go to Abandoned Camp until you cant stand it, but for sure until at least lvl 30 and you can get your next big exp quest from Barthis in Gludio. After you level past the Abandoned Camp there arent any more elf summoner bots. Just players auto-hunting here and there, but NOTHING like the bots in Ruins of Agony and Abandoned Camp. So keep pushing and follow the Quests directions from Barthis. Also, it's important to do the daily hunting quests, they give big exp rewards, and in your high 30's try and get in on a group to complete the Alligator Island daily hunting ques
  9. Can someone please help me with this problem? As you can see the AH UI is clipping the bottom bar and the bottom of the screen. Sorry i can not find any way to move it up or elsewhere to see the full UI. Monitor is 1680x1050, and my game resolution is set to the same (Fullscreen windowed), but changing these options doesn't change the AH ui to not be cut off the edge of the screen.
  10. I try but it tells me "the number of items you are trying to purchase is limited for each account. You have purchased the maximum quantity and cannot purchase more."
  11. I purchased the Newbie Pack in the game store on my dark elf and opened it receiving several items (specifically the Samurai black longsword), and i'm wondering if and how i can transfer it to use on my light elf and other characters. Is it locked to my Dark elf? if so that is extremely depressing.
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