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  1. The game is ruined. Everything 'classic' these Classic Servers had is totally gone now.. no more nostalgia left at all. I guess this is the end.. RIP L2 Classic.
  2. Hey guys, As some of you may know, we organized a little PomPom party at Dion last Friday, to celebrate the 15th Anniversary! I promised to upload it on the official forum, so here it goes! It was one of the most fun nights in a long time, and a lot of people enjoyed being there! Including me ofcourse! A great night without people being rude, bullying eachother or complaining, just having a nice chat, chilling and relaxing, having fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK5JVP25HnU&feature=youtu.be Please feel free to upload any screenshots or videos tak
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