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  1. Atleast be realistic, there are certain places that if you go you find 100 bots, all same class, all similar nicks killing mobs the same way. How can you report that, make 100 tickets per day and they are still there. You ban those and get new bots the next day. Same with adena sellers in town, u cant go to town that u get tons of the same message selling adena, then they start wisping you every 30 min - 1hr even if u left town. Should review your bots politics to make it easyer or have someone atleast for a while monitoring that live
  2. Yeap, light gives that -15% recived critical chance, and thats it Heavy u get tons of pdef.
  3. WTS - Sword of reflection 24 patack 17matack 1h sword NG Wisp "droid
  4. i've been keeping track on the number of ppl logged in. Yesterday after they put the srv up it reached the limit of 5.8k then stayed at that till now, never dropped from there. What was weird is that when i found out the server was up it was already full, everyone logged in quickly, there is no movement in and out of people in the server. @Juji any eta on the next thing to try?
  5. You should have an exell or something for this. For 156 shots u need 3 soulstones (Fixed price) and 1 Cry D (not fixed) IF u buy a leather guanlets 60 cry D for 40k then each cry D is 666.67 156 shots = 300 x 3 + 666.67 1 shot = 10a Either go to every shop and find a soulstone cheaper (dont remember if thats the price) Or go look for a cheaper item or buy from players at a price where u could crystalize and make profit selling shots. Hope i helped
  6. Hello, i remember my days playing old c1-c5, and the archers used to go by using heavy not light. What set should i use on my assassin (future pr archer)
  7. If more than 1 person hits the mob, u dont get the quest item. I had to do an actual line like in the supermarket to wait for my chance. thank god there were no bots doing the quest or would have been impossible.
  8. @Juji are u guys doing anything about this? I got my main logged in (forgot logged in since yesterday), but cant log in my box, being trying for 4 hrs now. I read that hime said you have to doit in 5 secs, but when i see my char log in screen i already have the disconecct msgs. Is there anything u guys can do, i mean shouldnt this be an easy issue to fix for a dev team?
  9. Grim collector is it worth doing or just lvl by past that and get adena from mobs?
  10. Since its not a 1.5 but some other version, was wondering if summons/pets soulshots were going to be on the first release or not.
  11. What evis nerf are u talking about? Arent we getting better skills on the next update?
  12. What oly ring? And counter instinct and mind eyes doesnt stack.
  13. Thanks, its only 105 to 110 skills or changes in some skills? i read about the evis getting some changes but dont know if those changes are on this update.
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