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  1. So, it's already pretty hardcore pay2win, many people quit exactly because of that, they went for illegal servers (google it) and you want to make it even worse? Seriously? And even if you think from financial point, aside from people quitting, when no matter how much money you drop, there's always more stuff to get - will actually keep NCSoft profits healthy because of wealthy players.
  2. Hurricane power 80 @ lvl 40 SpH
  3. Hello! I looked at other threads here I couldn't find anything relevant so I post it here: Based on information from: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Spellhowler Spellhowler should have 52 power lvl2 hurricane but it's in fact 80 power based on a tool tip in interface on my lvl 40 SpH as well as damage is in FACT greater than Shadow flare with tool tip 65 power. I though it was weird my SpH felt weirdly overpowered with NG spiritshots (not blessed. Just spiritshots for event NG duals). I could finish off lvl 38 x2 Fettered soul with 2 hurricanes using NG spiritshots but could not with <hurricane+Shadow flare> P.S.: I'm sorry my fellow SpH that I ruin your overpowered status