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  1. But they can easy clear server from bots. Just one active GM in game. Every illegal server have more activ staff. I said many times, bots are killing this beautiful game. Every spot is taken by summoners on 3rd program. Its so obvious, but they dont nothing agains them. I sent two tickets before 1 mont and reported three 100% bots, and those bots are still running and farm adena 24/7. This is so sad.
  2. Nice joke bro. You know that bots back to spot in max 5 min? You can harm only normal players.
  3. @PhoenixMitra Do you really think it helps? A month ago I sent two tickets (I reported 3x 100% bots) I was so naive because I thought that anyone cares about the players here! All those bots are still in game and f arm adena 24/7. GL
  4. LOL Admins don't care for bots They care only how to get $ from your wallet.
  5. Last update is like botting I just wanted to know.
  6. Hallo, It's possible to run 2 macros at the same time ? I mean for buffer: 1 - buff every 20 min. 2 - heal every 20-30 sec. Sorry for my bad english.