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  1. Bishop Erase and Turn undead

    Hi, could the DEVs explain why they removed skills Erase and Turn undead from bishops?! Thanks to removing Erase U made them much weaker in PVPs and Turn undead? It was basically the only way how to solo farm on high lvls. Now if the bish has no CP or the CP is not online he can maximally sit in Giran and sell... Absolute nonsense..... Please bring at least the Turn undead back that we can farm alone if needed.
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    You dont need to go as far as lvl 70+. I will give you a nice example from lvl 41 CT farming. I was farming 5 hours, used 4500 BSSB. (yes, I have equip from my other char, BSSC would be a bit cheaper but that is not the point). The cost of the shots is from 1 035 000 to 1 114 000 (depends if you craft or buy) and my ADENA DROP for those 5 hours was 162 380!!!!!! (WITH VIP 4) So basically the only way how to keep up with farming cost is not to use any (B)SSB. How the frack are we supposed to get the economy running that way? The only one who will benefit from this great idea of lowering Adena drop rate are botters and Adena sellers. What a brilliant move DEVs.