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  1. Choices, Choices, Choices

    This... I had two frustrated attempts to join a clan/CP due this kind of "private" server players. Just one week each to be witness of their emo-quit-slam-the-door.
  2. How are you feeling my fellow spoilers?

    A quite off-topic, but I found a bug where my first attempt to make a scavenger failed due a stupid move: when I reached Lv. 19, I took the quest directly with Pipi instead of talk with Newbie Guide first than I took the quest with Newbie Guide and the result was the "overwritten" the Path of Scavenger with Future Dwarfs quest. When I went to talk again with Pipi, I received some buff scrolls and fruits and the message of quest done when it doesn't. Since the halloween event is running I decided to Lv. up to 20 the dwarf to have access in event and the quest of 10-day fishing rod... when rod expires and event ends, the dwarf will be deleted, but at least it wasn't gone a total waste... @Juji could take a look with the 1st job NPC. I think this kind of bug may happen in all starting villages because two NPC offers the 1st step for the same quest. Yeah, I know, it was a uber noobish thing ever made.
  3. Merrow question

    Hit all mobs you can find inside ivory tower crater... maybe you drop something there... if the book isn't good for your class, will be good for rise cash.
  4. Summoner Gear?

    However Elemental Summoner always have his/her pony to hit mobs while he/she cast nukes while true nukers just count with nukes to hit mobs.
  5. Best weapon for a Swordsinger??

    Special Abilities in weapons aren't implemented yet and going to be runes with different effects instead of known crystals from old version.
  6. WarCryer Buffs

    Don't expect to learn Chant of Berserker, Burning Chop or combo buffs on classic...
  7. Cancel Golden Compass event

    I'm fine with just one Epic Istina random party to make one Aria's Bracelet for my ISS... I not even can defeat the RB of 100-day quest with ISS to take one bracelet, This event is far more hard...
  8. official answer please...

    Another thing which can be part of queue issue are the accounts stucked "already in use" for infinite time after you give up to wait the queue and close the client a day before and try to login again to see this message. @Juji

    Orc Shaman Lv. 28 here...
  10. Dot resistance???

    The odd: while single target frost flames is hard to works at some point, the AoE blazing quake works pretty easily even with a poor newbie gear without shots. I want to follow the path of Warcryer and there are not AoE debuffs as Overlord have. DEV probably understood the trick where shamans could leveling solo without shots just spamming frost flames... a pity... this way they are forcing support classes to be resigned to soulless dual boxes...
  11. @Juji @Hime could be possible implement in L2Galleria a way to activate VIP? Something like already working in-game: buy a color title and get one month of VIP 1, buy one hat and activate 5 months of VIP 1 and deliver the itens in dimensional merchant when purchased in L2Galleria. Due the queue is hard to even activate it...
  12. Level 25 Moon Armor Sets - "Which do I choose?"

    You may also make one DD toon on the same account until reach Lv. 25 to transfer in dimensional a second Moon set. Probably it will take an extra week of your time and effort, your main going to be halted until you reach this goal, but this way you will get two armor sets to change where a kind of set fits better...
  13. -14% exp on Death? Wtf??

    @Juji may you help us about this?
  14. 「Clan WeeD」 BR Clan Recruta

    Tem vaga para um futuro Warcryer?
  15. Truly Free ~ But Can Not Play

    Eventually if you complete the login, one color title is enough to you activate VIP 1 enabling login without queue. Try to discover the hour of lesser quantity of players to attempt to login with small or without queue... but due this issue, could be a palliative solution put on L2galleria (webstore) the VIP activation outside of game client, @Juji

    Tem vaga para warcryer ainda?
  17. level 15 wolf quest

    Two reasons to not have pets which I can remember for now: #1 avoid the exploit to break the shield of Raid Bosses, #2 avoid the exploit of fly with wyvern on top of Tower of Insolence with some class enabled to summon an entire party to kill baium.
  18. Wolf

    No more exploits with wyvern. Yay!
  19. Skills to lvl WC?

    Life Drain and Shock Attack (if you use blunt) may be usefull to you until lv. 40. Avoid AoE debuffs because it's related to Overlord (seal of [name]) and clan buffs (pa'agrio [name]). Venon evolve until lv. 52, if you need extra DoT, but you can skip it for now and Dreaming Spirit may help you to save you from dangerous situations. Other skills to skip for now: Aura Sink, Fear, Madness.
  20. Best Adena Quests are gone?

    Yes. They rid off these quests, but don't be sad, because we have now Moon armor sets by quests. A fair exchange in early game for real players and avoid the adena exploiting by RMT, IMO.
  21. Circlet of Power Event

    People complain but still spending real money in many ways in favor to dress up their toons. So... what's the point?
  22. The Fortune Reading TEST BY TEVAS

    I'm happy by just had purchased on Dimensional Merchant one Seed Bracelet to allow me to continue to enjoy the cuteness of my Luxury Shop agathions. They don't need to make my char stronger, just need to be a cute companion. Sadly they are no longer available on Giran's Luxury Shop.
  23. New player lf help

    Wallet characters make adena super fast...
  24. ISS Strategy: Max reduction cooldown

    Change the race of hierophant to dwarf. They have racial passive cooldown reduction.