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  1. Targetnext issue

    Please ignore, I just find out, it was gameplay wrong option .
  2. Targetnext issue

    Hi, Since today when I launched game, it seems the mode "auto target next" and the command line /targetnext (or targetnext2) not working anymore (checked different places). I have make a check file and restart game, same issue on both accounts. Tested this issue with my 2 ncsoft accounts. Wondering if anyone else got this issue?
  3. NCLauncher 2

    Hi all, Damn, since yesterday I installed new launcher (What silly idea I got). -First, the time to understand to choose the good area (USA) in order to get L2 Game and not Soul blade... -Second, the "update" clean the full L2 folders, good bye all my screenshot since 2004 ...So you better to make a backup before try this new NCsoft experience !! -Third, Download (11Gb) and installation stop many time caz lost network connexion (to update servers I guess...), since yesterday, it is still updating, failing, updating , failing, and updating again , every time get a % of the update, so you may have to be patient (1.8Gb to download at the moment...)