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  1. WTS/T

    Or any other trade with that items, pm and we gonna deal
  2. WTS/T

    WTS Eternal Heavy +8 FE (chest part is blessed) Tauti 1h axe WTT Eternal Heavy set for E. Shadow Retri + light set +6 Eternal + tauti for E. Shadow Retri + light set +8 Pm or mail me ingame: DiscountShop
  3. Cubics

    Can we get Cubics as toogle recast? Actually tank in middle of mobs cant even see if it’s up or needed to Recast
  4. New characters free La Vie en Rose Brooch

    Yesterday I finish quest after restart and get Brooch by reward, but without gems.
  5. WTS / WTB

    Have 2nd Opal lvl 3, this one isnt boxed so price 1.5b + your powders.
  6. WTS / WTB

    WTS Opal lvl 3 chest PvP Defence Belt +5 60 Shinny gemstone WTB Talisman Anakin PvE Defence Belt 5 x Pearl/Tanzanite/Garnet chest Offers here or mail ingame: DiscountShop