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  1. you are joking right? i don't even know what the dev tracker is...
  2. @Hime, please do not ignore us in regards to the client number. People came back for this thing, and slowly started grinding their way back to their lost prime. Either tell us that you don't know or share what you can share, however, ignoring shows disrespect. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  3. Hmm, this doesn't really make any sense, so why bother mentioning at all, if you don't care to elaborate. Then what about previous settings that you have changed? Monster spawn is it reverted, and since not, when will it be. thanks.
  4. Circlet Upgrade

    ofc it will come on the store soon. They gave a free (idk how much it was worth to have a +5 normal circlet) to every single alt we may have forgotten after enabling the no limit clients and now the 7 limit clients. I don't believe that they do things as such without a sizable benefit for them and the casino marketing scheme they have implemented works exactly like this. Give the customer the sense of winning and you will milk them for ever. So yea, expect a circlet event soon after they fix lag issues. Also expect a new circlet, maybe even more powerfull for the emo end game players that want to have that little way extra than casuals. At the same time I am thinking that soon we will be introduced to the brooch event again, since we all have a bunch of lv.2 now. And last but not least, I expect the quest that will give us all r110 armor and weapons (normal) so that we feel inclined to spend on NCstore and take them to +10/limited etc. just.wake.up.people. cheers
  5. @JujiFeel free to remove the auto-hp potion as well. I doubt anyone has great use of it in pvp or pve...
  6. Ork Dominator

    Hi Draecke, Just out of pure curiosity, what would be the endgame in the above example? I never got myself around the race/class benefit and at this point I am not too scared to ask. cheers
  7. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    nah, i mean something like abusing a raid or instance and/or not open area for clean parts / drops and cause server to lag.
  8. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    there has to be another source rather than dragons.. the amount of r110 is way high and people offer "items of your choice" that makes it even weirder...
  9. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is any quest rewarding with an R110 item of your choice at higher lvls. If anyone knows it would be helpful. Just wondering about the source of all these clean r110 items. Thx!
  10. WTT +7 Blessed Apocalypse Cutter

    Hey all, As title, I want to trade a +7 Blessed apocalypse cutter, 2 s/a (body 5 and speed body 5), 300 holy. I am looking for a blessed +7 or a normal +10, caster, buster or retri. Preferably with 2 sa, and 300 element. If you have something please mail or pm "Safestash Thx!
  11. Need some HELP/IDEAS

    well, if you spend a bit on the ncstore, you can get 1-100 in one day max, then 100-104 should be another day work on high party with full bufs.
  12. New characters free La Vie en Rose Brooch

    Hi all again, I can confirm that when you complete the quest and you do indeed receive a 3 slot brooch, but no gems. Cheers
  13. Tyrr Maestro is asking about dualclass.

    these material spoils that you are taling about are in areas wheren one can't solo, and if you are in a party, i would love to see you try to convince 6 people to turn party from random including spoil, to just random so that you keep spoils for youself.. Woah.
  14. Awakening Sub classes lv 80

    Hi all, What do you think about awakening our lv 80 subclasses? Now that lv 1 to 85 content is close to nothing, should we maybe awaken our remaining lvl 80 subclasses in Dual, Trio, Quad Class and be able to enjoy the game with much more flexibility? Cheers
  15. Hi there, Does anyone know if there is a plan to extend our Dual classes into the two lvl 80 subclasses that we currently have? All and all, what I am asking is that if there is any plan to awaken our two lvl 80 subclasses and maybe able to reach 110 lvl as well. It would be great as we could reduce the number of alts we play and focus on our mains development even further into other classes as well. Thanks!