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  1. Hmmm, this further confuses things... I am still confused on which one is the best of othels... @Juji sorry to pull you in this, but could you please check Advanced Nymph and if it works as indented and/or the stats are translated correctly? cheers
  2. Bro, sorry to be like this, but I get 0 DC's per week and use fiber internet too. It is NOT affecting everyone, so stop generalizing and focus on your individual problem.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out which homoculus is better for Othel Class. Now with the additional Homoculus we got, it is even harder to obtain a top grade of the one you need and there are no rooms for mistakes. I have been lucky enough to have 2 top Taga and Palo (both not optimal for dagger class) and then I managed to get Numph and Ari medium grade. While comparing the last two, Ari vs Nymph, I stumbled upon the poor translations and descriptions that make it a bit harder to decide which one is better for our class. All tips are happily accepted I wi
  4. It is so cute that you all talk about compensation for that long downtime and not asking for the compensation wee had been promised 1 year ago when the melee and general lag started. We never got anything back for a full year of hectic gameplay...
  5. Hi Sly, I believe that nowday's archers don't pay so much close attention to small changes in their classes. Hell, even I don't fully understand how daggers work after so many years on one. It is not entirely our fault, as NC doesn't provide a detailed stat sheet, so we can't know, with undisputable certainty, what's right or not. With all respect to the years you are around on an archer, I might be inclined to say that you are not up-to-date, OR that new archers are so blind from rumors and "people said that" so they just regurgitate information they have heard. On topic
  6. Hi to you all classic enthusiasts. There is a quick question for you and i'd would LOVE to get some feedback. Why do you play on classic??? This abomination is, by far, not the classic we were promised and it is just another money farming server. Look for a momment all these items that are added, only via the store and decide if this is "Classic" or "Lineage 2 - NCstore" reloaded. cheers
  7. I am not so sure about this, however, i believe that removing old items from the game happened for a reason, maybe helping game's stability or reducing resources. the few of the modified items that remain, slowly will degrade.
  8. This is a nice list Ando. I think you forgot the +6 Luck Bracelet from Dimensional Rift in Faeron Village. Cheers
  9. Once, i just restarted one of the 3 clients to send consumables to my main, and within 60 seconds, 1 dude appears, and takes over my place. I calmly log back in, asking him politely to move away since im here, with my buffers, all set etc. One in ten occasions, people just leave and are cool about it. In the particular situation I describe the dude, just started spamming all in caps "MY PLACE RESPECT, RESPECTO RESPECT MY PLACE LEAVE NOWWWWww" Boy oh boy don't i love another KOS target... It is in our mentality to indeed respect each other in game and be polite. No
  10. We just demand them handouts... I agree with you mate, I also like freebies and they should give some vit maintains etc, but chill with the "free dragon weapon to all" kind of requests cheers
  11. You know that there is also money laundering involved in such companies huh? I'm surprised that no one ever mentioned that. (not saying that NC is one as such...) Companies that offer a service (an expensive one nonetheless ) to their customers that is below expectations and no one really cares about the customer's opinion. Anyways, won't stick around to explain money laundering via e-sports and gaming, it's not the place. cheers
  12. apologies, you are right, forgotten about that skill.
  13. ... no comment. The word you said: Blackkscreen is nowhere to be found and to be honest I struggled to even understand what the problem could be.
  14. What about increasing the client per pc again? That would be a great addition to compensate with actual people leaving <3
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