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  1. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271-Token-based-Restoration-Policy/ Since the crystal doesn't maintain the id by adding/removing and the accounts get 3 restorations per semester, anything is possible.
  2. For the love of god, stop QQing for free items that you get and enjoy them, for as long as they offer them. If they decide to offer bows for 3 coupons, so be it. You see the level of ignorance on the reply, that they simply retyped the cost. Cheers
  3. New Player here with alot of Money to waste

    This is, by FAR the most polite and accurate thing I have read on Forums since the L2BLAH era... Well described and to the point. On topic, fellow @harry71069, you are better off NOT investing any money into this game. In order to compete, (with a fast pace) no only you need a lot of cash, but a deeper understanding of the game that your need to get there fast, won't just cut it. you will end up quitting within 6-10 months and giving away gear to randoms as gifts (let's not touch the cash-out option for now). As @b0uff0s mentioned, in essence, this game is not for you, nor for anyone of us anymore. There are so many NCstore events that the market can't even self-regulate for more than 2 weeks and stabilize. Given that putting in 2k per month (24k per anum that is btw...) is trying to get from point A to point B fast, trust me that you won't have time to realise or understand how the game even works. Hope in the end of the day you do anything you rly wish and if you need help, dont hesitate to contact me via mail here or ingame mail. Cheers, Safestash
  4. New Player here with alot of Money to waste

    This is because othels don't relly only on weapon but on many, many other factors. Top geared othel can also murder you with an R grade weapon.
  5. Yesterday was HELL all time die for lag

    maybe your Freya 30-day pve rune expired, as well as your ruby lv.5-30 day and you are back to normal dmg output? also, asking for "any compesation wtf?!" will result in no constructive reply from anyone.
  6. Incoming PK System

    Just dropping this in for conversation as well. Since the "no penalty" pk system was introduced, people have stacked up their PK count. I hope that the new system will also take in consideration this and do something about it. So unless PK count is not traded with Bloods, then we should be seeing some sort of adjustments. Cheers
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Try restarting, and it will be back. The Aden Tour Button bugs and disapear on it's on. Stability huh?
  8. Screen Shot Contest Winner Announcement

    Unless I understood that wrong, the contest is only for the states and canada and not for the rest of the world, while their playerbase is vastly more than just that. How is this justifiable?
  9. Adena Farm

    Invest 30billion and start fishing before this gets nerfed again.
  10. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    1 Hour is also the emperor buff potion, so someone may be working and alt tab once per hour to just check. The one hour seems to be fine. Nice touch with the extra hair accessories, can't wait to see new bracelets, agathions talisman etc that will only be available via boxes and Nc Store. Maybe then people will understand...
  11. Crystals of Soul

    These items come from Spoilers (othel fortune seeker) and and they are not tradable via AH or private store. With these items, you are able to buy spirit stones, as mentioned above, (any of the town blacksmiths. The option is under the Augmentation menu.) Since the game doesn't provide plenty of these, I'd suggest letting the spoilers keeping these items and then buy off them spiritstones. Note that the amount of crystals needed for the stones are quite high.
  12. Client Lag more than 10 seconds delays

    New thing now, the 3rd client dc's quite frequently...
  13. Client Lag more than 10 seconds delays

    Aint fixing the issue for me... still weird and the delay is indeed insane...
  14. Client Lag more than 10 seconds delays

    close the Nc launcher 2 and then run it again under different account..
  15. Hi all, Just was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same as me. I have 3 clients on, and one of them is always lagging extremely, like 10 second or more delay in chat, movement etc. The other 2 clients run perfectly fine in town and farming areas. Any idea what kind of dark sorcery this is and how can it be amended? Thanks in advance, Cheers