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  1. I see many fighters in game (Yul's,Othels,Tyrr's) that start changing their items from p.crit. dmg/p.skill crit. dmg to p.crit rate/p. skill crit rate! I wonder if it works and if feoh's can go the same way to increase the crit rate on magic skills. Anyone have any idea on that?
  2. Dear @Juji or @Hime After some research, i understand why we can't upgrade our Arias Bracelets from +3 to +4. Since you've disable Factions, you COMPLETELY REMOVE the Hunter Guild Faction. To upgrade Aria's Bracelet from +3 to +4 you need to have Hunters Guild Faction Lvl 2 or more. I know that maybe you can't bring that Faction back, at least do something so to finish with that issue.
  3. Old days you could exchange Aria's Bracelet from +3 to +4 with raid points and some adena, at Black Cat NPC of Hunter Village.I dont know what changes, and you cant anymore do that action.Even if you can still change the attribute at Aria's Bracelet, for example +4INT to +4STR, you cant get a new +4 from a +3. @Hime @Juji is that a kind of bug?Or just another update?
  4. Which one you believe that is more effective on taking first from a DD and why? +50 Weapon p/m attack +50 Attack Attribute i believe that taking the +50 weapon p/m attack makes further the base damage of weapon (includes p/att, m/att, skill dmg etc), but i see many people have different opinion.Any issues?
  5. Nowdays, i see several named patches (Fafurion-1, 2, Homunculus, etc), that took the position of "Chronicles", happens at lineage 2 live servers. Most of us, are just reading the patchnotes and trying to figure out how they works, based on gameplay, checking new ways of farm etc.But some people are spamming the web and trying to find exploits that will help them to "be more pro", or they just try to upgrade their wealth by selling adena (the spam ingame PM's of ToveSiri etc). Some examples: - The reset of timing zones when you participate/observe olympiads or participate at CoC (fixed after 2 months or so) - The Akamanah/Zariche boxes that could been killed at petrify mode and redropped on world, making the rich people richer (fixed at 5 months or so) - The abuse PK item drops to afk makro exp players (fixed after 6 years or so) And many more that we dont know or hear. The point is that: - Noone punished for using exploits or hacks or scams - Still getting spam of pm's for adena/equips/chars - NcWest makes the game so much unfair by ignoring the community. And show is go on..
  6. Incoming PK System

    As you see he misses that refinery days that steal dropped items by abusing karma and clear pk's with sin eater!
  7. Incoming PK System

    No clue to bring the old system back.Scammers will be back
  8. Hello @Juji and @Hime Can you please let us know which of the 16th Anniversary items will be removed after the event? I mean the one that have the stamp of 16th (like freya wind scrolls,cakes, agathion,nevits and emperor cocktails), because -i;m sure- that many people, like me, are planning to use these items to a future power level with boost exp server status. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello @Hime Also Shining Venusta's Box reward are incorrect, it gives 3.000.000 adena instead of 30.000.000 (3.000.000 adena gives the simple Venusta's Box), and i think that this affects other rewards of the box also.
  10. Paulina set for old character

    Hello and welcome back. Since you've done 1 2 and 3 exalted, go at npc Lionel at Heine and get the two last options that gives you extra rewards includes armor and weapon plus more.
  11. You could enhance Aria's Bracelet to an Advanced Aria's Bracelet with the stat you choose, from +3 to +4, via the NPC Black Cat at Hunters Village (atleast before the update) https://l2wiki.com/Advanced_Aria's_Bracelet#INT.2B4 But the NPC doesnt have this option anymore.You can change the stat to an allready +4, but you cant create a +4. Issues?
  12. Naia Down

    Not even pvt servers are doing that..
  13. Would you like to know what is going on inside the mind of anyone responsible for the current state of the game?Money is going on.A lot of them.And they get them really easy, if you check the market with those event boxes. They let people "queue queue" and they win rl money.
  14. Bugs/Changes/Typos need fixing.

    Hello and thanks for the answer. 1. https://l2wiki.com/Templar's_Aura_-_Sigel_Shillien_Templar - The self status is mistake. 2.https://l2wiki.com/R99_Grade_Armor_Sets#Heavy_Armor_Sets @Juji