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  1. i think they made instance zone with it's geodata and make it P2W farming zone.
  2. I know this is from Live version (Chronos/Naia) verison but the difference cannot be that huge, i mean they really know what this ppl are capable of, the ones who start a killing spree in eveyr single map everyday. You cannot give some rules to 1 side of your community and another completly different for other, we are not even enough different game versions to that.
  3. Are we not getting more rewards from Prime gamming? That's it? so dissapointing wasn't expecting much but stil...
  4. Can we please stick to the fail and abusive PK system in this topic? -___- You can go fight on another topic about buffs and VR absence on buffs.
  5. OMG so unfair wtf, well in Live version they used to give Sword Muse: sword, heavy armor but no shield LOL. Can we expect any better?
  6. Does this happen to Gladiators too? or they do get the dualsword?
  7. This truly is the daily scene of the server, so sad, new ppl won't even reach to lvl 76 and get kicked of from server by not let them even lvling.
  8. i clearly said PK, not PvP. And i doesn't have to be for every single PK, but in case you get Pked too many times in a row maybe....
  9. GM's can delete payment for exp/items when u get Pked, is not hard.
  10. Im sure people won't even care being PKed if they weren't in danger to lose items for it, and ofc exp from hours or days of farming, its abusive, and even more cuz the only way to get that back is with L2coins so you are making cash from this.
  11. a friend gets her forum account banned for posting screenshots showing this exactly situation, in several zones and times.
  12. Same situation happens in Blackbird with OneTeam and WhiteOrde allies, they proclaim themselves as owners of specific zones of lvling/farming, and as at this point the game have very limited options for choose where to go kill mobs near your lvl, is obviously an abuse. And god have mercy of you if you ever kill an Atingo and get the pet or drop while they are trying to PK you even if they reach once you were already killing the boss, because they fell "very offended" that you STOLE their boss and sent war declaration to your clan and start hunting every single clan member they see, PK them unt
  13. Im not mage but many of my clanmates and friends are, and i saw how they were struggling to not running out of soulshot tickets, the quantity of BSS vs SS is not balanced to the ammount they spent in the same amount of time/mobs., specially consideruing BSS on the shop are way more expensive.
  14. This is exactly what i meant, low lvl people is being abused by the 80+, i know there is a protection for being PK in gatekeeper, but is just until lvl 70, what about people from 70 to 80 who are being pked by 86+ ppl everyday every hour in all zones? They are loosing exp, items and time. The game is AFK farming, you can't pretend this behavior on your game, you are offering an experience that is being totally corrupted by the people who thinks they own the server, and gues what, those are also possible costumers of your currency by rela money, so start toshow some care about this situation, i
  15. it's just obscene, they will be even more hardcore with the abuses by pking like they own every single farming zone.
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