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  1. Hi i wanna report a bug of textures in 2 of the Wynn Elemental Master's summon. Wynn Magnus and Wynn Merrow. These 2 summons like others of each summon of summoner class have their old version from 2nd and 3rd classes, but the Wynn Merrow and Wynn Magnus textures are changed each other, an old bug since Goddes of Destruction update, just when the Free to Play started. The Wynn Magnus have the textures of the Wynn Merrow and vice versa. As you can see the Texture of Unicorn Magnus, and the Wynn Magnus are totally different, even when the Skill icon shows they still have the same texture, just with different colour and some little details. Now as you can see Unicorn Merrow and the Wynn Merrow, also have different textures, even the Wynn Merrow textures are clearily the Unicorn Magnus textures for the Wynn Magnus. Also the Wynn Merrow Skill icon shows an unicorn with much hair on the head, just like the Texture on the Wynn Magnus, which is obviously the real tetxures for the Wynn Merrow. As conclusion the textures for Wynn Magnus and Wynn Merrow are bugged, and must be changed into each other ones. Please fix them for once :S.