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  1. This is totally out of control, and worst part there are rules about it for other server of the same game, but just different version.
  2. This same guy killed me every day aorund 5-6 times while trying to lvling. 'm already about to quit can't even reach to lvl 76 yet.
  3. this is what make more sense of all explanations, for real.
  4. This is exactly what happened to me, some guy PK me a couple of times,, and one of them i lost my Clock of Protection, wich is actually an item we can obtain by paying if you lose the one you get by "gift" or events. As you cna see i had to pay almost 500k to recover my items without even have a PK/PVP count or karma/reputation. This is totally wrong.
  5. seriously? WTF Why? the only Wolf i see at AH is by 2 billion hahaha
  6. Hi, a friend ask me how to get a pet wolf cuz i use it with my Tyrr Maestro so my Golem and Wolf recieve the Buff for 30% HP dmg chance and it realyl works but sadly we didn't find the quest at Pet Merchant NPC in Gludio or any other town. Where can people now can make the quest ? It used to be named "Obatain a Pet" or "Get a Pet", but the NPC doesnt even have the "Quest" option in the list when you talk to him.
  7. Hi i wanna report a bug of textures in 2 of the Wynn Elemental Master's summon. Wynn Magnus and Wynn Merrow. These 2 summons like others of each summon of summoner class have their old version from 2nd and 3rd classes, but the Wynn Merrow and Wynn Magnus textures are changed each other, an old bug since Goddes of Destruction update, just when the Free to Play started. The Wynn Magnus have the textures of the Wynn Merrow and vice versa. As you can see the Texture of Unicorn Magnus, and the Wynn Magnus are totally different, even when the Skill icon shows they still have the sam
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