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  1. Hello, With all the respect i have a fair proposal for you mister. First of all i wold like to point out that i don't play in MAX or DragonHunters. Why don't you guys transfer 1-2 party's on Naia to help out your "ally" DragonHunters? Is not like you rly have competition on Chronos,from what i hear you already punished Nova s why not come and punish MAX? Kind regards, HF in game and do less trash talk.
  2. I never said i'm not a trash talker.... maybe I am like most of your clanmates. Sometimes is frustrating beeing trolled and alot of lies on all chat and then a normal guy like me snaps and flames alot, but this is not smth that i don't regret next day because flaming someone about real life is very bad... that person usualy tend's to be a normal person that is enjoying a game but we all get carried away in the moment ans some of us say thing that they regret next day.I cannot speack about all but this is my case....no excuses but this way i whant to appologise to some ppl that i upset.
  3. About EpicSoul beeing from poland or not is not the poin the pont was to be funny... ofc in not real video is just how we imagine him when he loses. And from my opinion is funny....and btw the one filming is Legolita :))
  4. Hello, Aside the por rendering what i can see here is DH beiing pushed to village and they probably w8 for babysitter spartian to come and help them. First of all i whant ppl to see that we in husaria don't invest our money in the game.... like for exeple u can see no one in the video pt is using dendy scroll and that means no full 30 day's epics. DH cry all time cause we play dirty and we bring more than 7 ppl to fight vs one party but when we go 7 vs 7 like it happened yesteday and we played without tank(to bad no video) and they loose they imediatly get reinforcement fron sec
  5. Ello, Let's agree to dissagre...regarding the gear and regarding this i can't afford to speack in others players name but for me i don't even have pvp set.(doubt that u don't have also) RMT doesn't necesarly refer to NCcoin it refers buying adena with real money from other players.If some of the players play at events and buy Ncoins to get smth from corea random dosn't mean they do rmt. And don't need to get fired up about some nice reply like i said we aknollege you guys are strong and we hope n the future we can contest u guys also. And even if we lose pvp we don't refuse
  6. Hello, First of all i wold like to say gratz u guys are one of the top cp's on server but however your videos are not stating the truth about pvp, and i mean sure ur cp can easy kill us with skills up and tons of gear but i whant to see your others cp's from clan posting pvp videos with us or simply we can reply showing you that we have also videos wiping the foor with DH members/CP's. And don't worry in the future(if there will be one) we will contest you guys also. Keep up the fight and enjoy the game.
  7. Hulk


    Go join Nemessis they have better numbers.
  8. I don't know if removing it is a good idea strictly because like u pointed some support classes don't deal dmg but u have some mistakes in your post: For example othel class can avoid topaz due to some evasion skills. Tank used to had the UD in witch u did 100 dmg with topaz(dunno if is like that afther update) And top players have fix dmg resistance that lowers topaz dmg. And for the pure dmg clases that have 30 k hp is just cause they chose to go full dmg SA,skills and all rather than put some HP, if u are that strong then do dmg if no go ballance your skills//hp//SA.
  9. @BloodDark <<< I personal want to see how u go pvp vs DH. Go ahead and join a smaller clan and pvp DH and afther that u can trash talk about small clans closing war. And u should try debuffing with char lvl 101 characters lvl 105. Ur just another noob showing ur big ballz vs newbies and low gear players.
  10. Yes at the moment topaz dmg counts at oly!
  11. now for PVP Solo and Oly is different story i still prefer a lot of hp with boosted m.def/p.def and the use of topaz 3/4. But if u miss topaz is true that u need to boost a little your dmg.But ISS class has low dmg even with full str and even like that u will take alot of dmg. So if u want oly i suggest focusing on making topaz lvl 3 at least with the con dyes. Personal opinion.
  12. Yes this is true. I hate the fact that i need to restart each time after i play my Hierophant and switch back to main. Please fix this
  13. i see the ppl complain about iss swm triad state.... maybe is because u need to be active? Try reading also what that aoe debuff gives and also and try remember u are a support class that can buff/res/heal/mp recharge/debuff... what more can u ask?
  14. Hulk

    AF Faction - Healer

    For ISS !!! Don't make macro just play the class as it is with the use of all skills angel touch on healer/debuff mobs/ pickup . All Enchanters need's to know how to play they'r class and this way u can learn not just make a macro and be a boot for the rest of your life. And if you have an iss like that in party just replace him. GL
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