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  1. @Juji is this real life? a bunch of bots being online and live players get in que to log in? common sense went out of town on NCwest? nice decisions.lol
  2. the only difference on races are the pom / dance / song / bison which i dont see why would u chose something else than pom.
  3. so those ppl who had iss main/ iss dual there is no reason to have dual iss anymore for different harmony or something its useless now.
  4. can someone clarify if thats the case? So all 4 iss becomes 1 practicly with changed name?
  5. It might be there on patch notes and i am missing it but can someone explain how will it work with lvl 2 harmonies? hiero will have his fantasy harmony as if u combine lvl 1 war + lvl 1 wiz + lvl 2 knight for example? And so on for the other type of iss'es.
  6. @Hime about the iss harmonies becoming 1. how would that work? is everyone gona have all lvl 2 harmonies at 103+? or each race keeps his lvl 2 and gets the lvl 1 stats combined.
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