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  1. the number of bots doing dimensional rift (100+) is growing each day. wandering what juji and cia will do about it.... the server performance goes down and "they dont know why" [link removed] they run around on horses doing exactly same patch stopping on exactly each pixel Please refrain from name shaming in the forums and contact our support about your suspicions. -Leto
  2. players cant log more than 3 box but bots can and are swarming all lvl 103- hunting spots . really good work now i cant find partys to do stuffs, and cant log in my own chars to do stuffs on game.... the job u guys doing to keep players form developing on the game is really awesome. or u pay tons of cash to get 105 (at least) fast and buy +++++ gear to an good clan invite u. or u stay on city trying to form a party for hours just to do instance in 15 minutes and get 0 drops.
  3. i will post some pic's of party mach window so GM'S don't have more this excuse to say that 3 clients will make game more social, stop the bot's, rmt's and such. partymach day1 10pm gmt-3
  4. day 1 with 3 box limit and party match looks like this.... really go work juji.... u know when i will get to 105 and r110+++++++++++ gears so pve clans will recruit me? never.... i really appreciate ur guys work
  5. the 3rd party programs bots use allow then to log how many acc they wanna no matter how many clients nc allow to run on each pc. restricting it only affects players ... not bot's
  6. ppl thinking that 3 box per pc will decrease bots.... bots and rmt have multiple pc's to log in. this limitation only affects players that wanna to develop alone or dont like to have to wait for other ppl to accomplish its goals. u still see the bots on ev hb and wherever they farm in same numbers. but the lack of active players to actually to do things in this game will continue, but now u wont be able to do ur stuffs alone so u will get stuck, and more ppl will quit. after a break i came back to game last month. the only way i got to start developing m
  7. instead of banning bots they limit the real player growth. so little ppl play these days, that u are not able to find shit happening lvl 101-110 the way i find to enjoy the game was making my own party. but now i won't be able to do anything else just bcs of lack of ppl on servers. but bots, that have access to multi pcs, will still farm adenas no matter how many boxes u can log in
  8. so u guys put a line to log in but u dont kick the afk acc's that are filling up the slots. congrats ... worst update ever;;;
  9. so juji any news on hair acessory quest for exalted lvl 1 ?
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