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  1. Hi, Any tanks that found a way to enjoy and exp in the new solo areas such Tanor Canyon for example? I see DDs all the days showing of the Elite Boxes they get there.
  2. The idea behind the new PK system is good but it needs to be balanced is some way. The balance can be achieved with different sorts of penalties. Personally I would like to see something like a time limited XP/SP block. "If you choose PK then you can’t PVE". Breaking or dropping gear when chaotic was kind of drastic. Bottom line: 1 PK = 24 hrs of XP block (this will give the player a chaotic debuff, blocking all incoming XP and SP) For each new PK during the rebuff is active the player receive an additional 2 hrs penalty and the debuff timer resets back to 24 hours plus the
  3. Nice, so it is no real reason to work of karma or PK points anymore since it doesnt give any penalty. Running around with a red name is something we will see more often then
  4. Will there be any type of penalty for someone who PK another one? Or is the PK system completely open with no reason to wash you karma or PK points anymore?
  5. The quest "To Weaken The Giants - Enhanced Mimir". Monsters to defeat in this quest should be changed to Quest Monster status, so that players have a chance to complete the quest. One player that is constantly keeping an eye on this boss. This player is capable of making alot of damage during a short period of time. This player have another character logged out at this spot where the boss spawns that is capable of summon him down very quickly to take advantage of other players making the hard work for him. He is being summoned down when the boss is nearly dead and release all his power
  6. No worries ppl, NCWest will fix this in the next major update
  7. For me, who has played since closed beta, the classic Lineage 2 was about making good friends, level up, get gear and have fun. Classic Lineage 2 is completely isolated from the real world. No name, class, gender changes or RMT, and no bloody NCStore! I remember some classic phrases such, "reroll dude, you are on our KOS list" Well, you have a name and you have a reputation The current game state is a kindergarden where players are cuddled with if they cry and squeezed on money if they want to take a shortcut. Classic game was hard core, Today it’s no challenge what so ever, actual
  8. So what I understand, since there are not any comparision table at L2Wiki, this is the old and new xp? Legacy Table Orfen Table Level 102 = 43 523 955 372 407 Level 102 = 31 000 589 324 956 Level 103 = 84 422 086 452 639 Level 103 = 53 836 140 235 722 Level 104 = 188 752 303 396 110 Level 104 = 108 641 462 421 561 Level 105 = 358 035 537 321 346 Level 105 = 174 407 849 044 568 Level 106 = 3 514 822 095 225 670 Level 106 = 437 473 395 536 595 Level 10
  9. In the new patch it stated that the needed xp to reach each level after lvl 99 has been slightly decreased. What does this mean? Will this be a plain mathematical change, which means that a characters, so far accumulated xp, will get that character closer to the next level because of the decreased xp requirement between the levels. Or will a character at level 104 and 78% still have 104 and 78%?
  10. Teamspeak - ts3client_win64.exe Logitech G-series - LCDMon.exe - LGDCore.exe McAfee Endpoint Protection Google Chrome Internet Explorer
  11. What I dont understand is why all events have to be those completly braindead booring click click click - item events, that is what I dont get. Is it because its so easy to implement? I want an event that is fun, exiting, and some action. This event is far from anything of that. Lineage 2 platform can offer so much more than that, and still NCsoft is not taking any effort to use it. I dont care if an event brings billions of adena (no Im not rich), for me, I want NCsoft to unleach the potential of the game for some events. Activate players, have them to run out and hunt and let it be a
  12. Well, its free and no NCoins involved, a step in the right way but not a very exciting event tbh. I question for NC-staff, is it completely out of the question to have a few ingame events involving moving people over the map? For example every hour a broadcast message says that "Evil mobs is on the rampage".. and a group of event-mobs spawns randomly in the world of aden? Those who participate to defeat the mobs get an item that can be exchanged for something at the event NPC. When they are defeated a broadcast says something like, "The evil mobs was stopped by a bunch of cool p
  13. Then its actually stated in the wrong box.... Nurka/Rydel/Gustav's Belt Supply Item When used, a Nurka/Lydia/Gustav's Belt can be obtained. Will be deleted when the event ends. Should be... Nurka/Rydel/Gustav's Belt Supply Item Will be deleted when the event ends. When used, a Nurka/Lydia/Gustav's Belt can be obtained.
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