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  1. The skill tornado isn't working on my Storm Screamer in Field of Whispers.... anyone else having that trouble?
  2. There seems to be in content missing under the "help" section that explains the difference between "Karma", "Reputation" and name colors. I submitted a support ticket asking if my character name could be changed back from green to blue/white after using an in game color pallet app. The responders of the support ticket insisted that my name was "green" due to Karma. However, I physically "watched" the name change to green after using a color pallet app; therefore, the name color change was not do to "PVP". When they insisted that the color change was due to "Karma", I did two things: 1. I
  3. When a summoners mp is too low, the toggle for transfer pain shuts off and does not re-engage when mp regenerates.
  4. Recently, upon rez after death, the soul shot boxes are disappearing and deactivating from skills menu. When this happens, there is no way to turn them back on. You have to restart your character on your account.
  5. In mini-game, when you land on a circle, it now says Event Award = 0
  6. Player dimensional grid is still off 90 degrees.
  7. Developers…. please please please..... Fix the crafting material drop rates. NOONE can CRAFT or UPGRADE ANYTHING. We are STUCK with no way forward. Please keep in mind 90% of your players are NOT level 110+.
  8. Cloaks..... Ok let's do this math: 9600 NC Coins = More than $100 for one 100x pack of enchants; this will NOT get you a +15 cloak. You'll need more like 150-200 enchants to pull this off >>>fast forward>>> $150-200 dollars
  9. Honestly, what do the cloaks REALLY give you? A few percentage points that you really don't notice much. Not really worth the dollars.
  10. I was thinking today.....with my one neuron vibrating very very fast... The game doesn't really give players much to "work towards" after the last update. The quests are gone, the rewards are way too low to effect a player's game play; there's nothing to "earn" to help make a dent in a characters progress. Let's face it, no one can afford to buy anything in game because there's no place to fight mobs for adena, and you can't really craft anything with ether drops being SO LOW; basically there's no way to EARN adena anymore to build your gear and weapons in the old fashion "in game way". The
  11. JiJi, the skill Servitor Balance Life is not working on Wynn Arcana Lords. It was previously not an auto use skill prior to the new update. The skill will also not work on a macro. I've tried to submit a ticket for this, but the L2 website will not allow large video file uploads as "evidence". Can you assist?
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