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  1. Hi Guys, Could you please share your thoughts, sorceror would be better for PVE or spellhowler? ( there will be 2 box support) Thanks!
  2. WTS a lot of Spellbooks

    OFFER HERE OR PM: Divine Power Dual Weapon Defence x3 Fell Swoop x2 Silence x3 Spirit Sharing Clear mind x2 Immortal life Stigma of Shilen x2 Wild magic x3 Amulet: Ritual of life Amulet: Seal of suspension x2 Talisman: Chant of movement
  3. WTS SB: Divine power; Spirit sharing; chant of movement. Message me here in forum for the detail.
  4. best trio for fastest leveling

    Hi All, since then, still the best mage trio is mage with lvl1 empower stem+ee+bd ? Or would be better mage+se+ee?
  5. HP potion register

    Hello Guys, I'm just started, and I cannot register the normal HP potion (which recovers 50 HP) to use it automatically if HP is below %. I tried to add it from my inventory, and couldn't worked. Please support me, how to register it Thanks!