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  1. Ill just end it saying that EU take care of bots, so why NA can’t? My friends are playing in another server, TI and i don’t cause i was unable to login in the first two weeks, so many time trying to login, and i’ll not pay server transfer cause it’s not my fault that 3.000 of 6.000 players are bots and they don’t have enough server cap for real players, cause bots are taking slots too, even illegal servers got more cap LOL
  2. How does this affect everyone gameplay you mean? You have to share mobs with bots, you share queue with bots, seems strange to me, are you even human? Perhaps you are a bot? Don’t you recognize the server situation? I doubt so, as you defending it so hard.
  3. That is called supply and demand, if you have a high demand of mats, you also have more people looking for it, and less people selling, causing the price to rise, they are doing this while AFK, no one cares if you are playing to gather your mats, people care when those guys make money illegally without playing
  4. For all the people who say's RMT it's not a problem because they help in server's economy are probably making use of some illegal program or perhaps they buy Adena from those who use it, which is illegal according to the terms, another point if EU can handle the bots why NA can't? it's not about F2P model, it's because they got ACTIVE STAFF, that are monitoring the gameplay of the server, which is not the case in NA, perhaps they earn part of the $$ that the RMT do. If you take a good look you don't have more newcomers on Gludio/Aden, and live server populations are decreasing to the poin
  5. I understand your frustration, and i can agree with all of your points of view, but nc will not do anything
  6. i don't say to you check the whole vídeo, i said check 11:30~15:00, second that vídeo its from a illegal server which support more then 6.000 players (much much more then nc), i don't even have to say to you that people don't do spider quest on that server, they do it on classic, not in mid-rate server, i'm poiting these because of queue which is the title of this topic
  7. what you people don't seems to understand it's that people that actually PAID for vip are not able to login to ACTIVE VIP and get less queue, because the server cap sucks, why are you defeding this?
  8. man, are you blind? i already say i'm pointing the server CAP here, which it was higher then ncsoft 6.000 cap, if even illegal server have higher cap then 6.000 why not ncsoft? THAT IT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, its not hard to get, i'm not saying nothing else
  9. not everyone go to the same place, did you check talking island on the start of the vídeo? 11:30~15min? it was a 50x server not craft i'm just poiting the cap here
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307091277 check it then, that server used to host 15.000 players in 2016, that its the 2018 opening, atleast 1.500 players at town on first 3minutes, i was there in 2016 and i can confirm it, if you don't believe you can check some vídeos on twitch to see if they was lying (=
  11. You dont even deserve an answer, you just a kid, i don’t even say i play in privates i just say they have better cap, grow up kid
  12. What are you talking about? Did you see the situation in live server and now classic infested by bots? Live servers ate totally p2w, classic they sell buffs and shots and people can’t even login, so ncsoft its not money grabbing? Here it come the old same “they have to sell somethinf, it’s they’re product, if they dont sell it will be closed” you know u just dont want to admit that illegal server have better cap than here, 14 years of game and ncsoft dont even ban russian contry ip before they can use VPN, nc should consider fire the dev’s and get a new team, because they dev team are lazy as
  13. So you asked to see and when people show it for you you say he deserve to be banned lmao
  14. I was on that server at launch bro, what i accomplish lying here? Nothing, i just want to point that illegal server have better cap than ncsoft, Even if you pay you got 20min queue, if you are free you have atleast 6hours of queue
  15. This my friend, they all got mad when f2p player didn’t stop spaming on forum because of queue, they got what they deserve, feel the wrath of queue now felas ;), even illegal servers in 2018 got 15k player cap =O
  16. So now are you crying because of queue, when f2p cry you guys got all mad, you deserve this
  17. I'm surprised, after all those years people still believe in ncsoft, lmao
  18. Euro are more expensive then dollars, where i live we earn in Real, 1 dollar = 3.74 real wallet warriors
  19. not everyone earn in dollars, you think all of server live in NA? tard moneybag
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