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  1. XP Nerfado in New Areas

    XP was not nerfed. The XP event is over. And that is it.
  2. I can't use the new UI Automated System

    Same problem here.
  3. The best Anti-Bot system

    Yidao why is that tragic? - Nevermind, just got it. It is tragic because it is not being used to fight botting...
  4. About the Future of lineage

    My 2 cents: 1) Why does not lineage have a x64 bit version ? it was abandoned by NCSoft after 15 years of existence? Good question. Technically speaking it is not complicated to do it, but it requires updating the technology ( compiler version, operating system version, database version and other technical elements of the game. ) That effort may not be justified because the game doesn't need to run in 64bits for good performance (and the game also doesn't need to access more than 4Gb of RAM - it currently uses less than 1Gb while running). So, the costs easily outweights the benefits in this case. It would be fun though to have it running faster. 2) Will this game be closed someday ? I mean, will servers close ? I believe so, given its reaching the end of its lifecycle. As we don't see incentives for new players to join the game. Lineage has put a dent in the history of NCSoft as the its first successful game and has helped NCSoft to build a great company on top of this platform, however, the decisions made on not upgrading / improving the game, clearly points to an end. 3) I know the bots failed the economy of the game but will there be a way to put classic together the live servers again ? For bots: There are many gaming companies investing in adding Machine Learning capabilities to track and identify groups of players with similar behaviors ( like, same players walking through the same map coordinates, performing the same moves, within the same time interval between moves - among other data points analysed - which would clearly point to botting - simply because the same human being cannot performe such repetitions by him/her self. It indicates a scripting or other type of automation ...). It is also clear that NCSoft will not implement this kind of solution because instead, it chose to use XIGNCODE3, which works on the client side detecting interference on the game as additional potential harmful software installed on the user machine that can be used to tamper with game protocols. I didn't get what you meant with "a way to put classic together with the live servers". Classic is a different storyline, with the classic experience on L2. As if at a given point, the storyline was branched out to a parallel universe with a different future/evolution. ( Which could be a fascinating way of rewriting the game and bring more fun and new players - but in order to prove that, the number of paying players must make sense from a business model perspective. ) 4) Why are the players leaving the game or playing the classic servers ? I'll talk for myself: Toxic environment. Corruption. Harassment. Lack of support when something wrong happens. Botting. Messed game economy (no good drops because of bots / prices high because of bots - as an alternative to fight against cheating / game requires to waste lots of hours to complete missions and acquire good items. Even with Macro system, I don't want to have to worry about leaving my computer on 24/7 because of a stupid game. I have a life to live. Besides that, I used to play to have fun and forget about my real world problems. When I noticed the game was making me more stressed, I decided it was time to quit. Also, I believe many people started playing Classic because it was a "reset". A new challenge to conquer a new world, faster than others. Some people like that challenge. 5) Can I invest NCoin without having the same fear my other friends have? (the game be closed) Invest NCoins thinking about what you can gain TODAY. Don't think about tomorrow nor about the future. If there is nothing you can gain TODAY, then I don't see a point of wasting money with a game that will come to an and without giving any real benefit TODAY. (Just my thoughts - you may think different, but it's my honest opinion.) Morello
  5. Main class change

    Guys, Lets face the facts.(And they are just my personal analysis, which may not actually reflect the opinion of NCWest or NCSoft). NC is using (if directly or indirectly; consciously or unconsciously, I cannot say) a strategy to strangle the game and make it naturally die. This becomes more and more evident by the lack of incentives for new players and the high prices in the L2Store compared to other companies (Innova). While on one hand it may be clear for them that the new generation of young players prefer other kinds of games, with more updated graphic engine, at the same time, they can't just announce to all the big whales that the thousands of dollars that they spend, no longer worth a penny. Also, there are thousands of services for online item trading/adena buying, besides multiple botting platforms that make some thousands/(or maybe millions) of dollars (which use is forbidden by the game code of conduct), that somehow generate some benefits for NCSoft. If you are a player of the new generation, that values having a great support service and being heard by companies, you must learn that these are not values clearly observed by this company. Even with new upgrades, such strangling strategy applied to the development of the game will eventually lead the company to release the announcement of "lack of interest" of the public for the game which reflects into high costs and low revenue, therefore creating the ideal scenario to "justify" the shutdown of the game. On the other hand, the classic servers came as an alternative to this situation. However, if botting is not taken care of, we know that this cycle will repeat again. As a suggestion: NetMarble, producer of Lineage Revolution, is using Google Cloud/Machine Learning techniques to track user behavior and identify potential bots in-game. They will present a talk about that topic during the Google Cloud Next 2019 in San Francisco next Month. Why is not the interest of NCWest/NCSoft to use such kind of technology/solution? It is clear that the current anti-botting solution is flawed and can be bypassed. So, given ALL the above mentioned evidences, I would agree that NCWest doesnt have any interest in improving in-game experience or acquiring new players, not for L2, at least, making this discussion a waste of time. Morello

    Both dwarven Fortune Seekers and Maestro can craft / have craft shop. The Blessed/double items can be obtained only if you craft from a Maestro ( which has that passive skill ). When you craft from Fortune Seekers, they don't have skill to craft blessed/duplicated item.
  7. Brooch Jewel Discussion

    It's all about money. At the very moment when the game stops being lucrative because the average players are cancelling their subscriptions ( like I did after NCWest "fixed" the elcyum powder price when fishing ) I bet 100-150 will not be profitable enough to maintain the servers on. The big problem with the game is that it is a casino: you don't buy items, you buy a small probability to receive an item when opening a pack or participating in an event. It's literally waste of money. The other option is to buy from other top players who will ask any price for an item. I want to know what the whale players will do when the server closes. Because with the number of players quitting, that's the foreseeable future of this game. For some people, this game may have become their only source of income, as they live through selling stuff for real money ( that's what people talk about top clans - it's business. ) We are in 2018. The millenials and younger people will not tolerate not being heard and having their demands supported. The company that doesn't apply User Centric Design, User Experience Principles, or even Customer Experience Management on their products/services will be out of market soon.
  8. What happened to the Summoner sub-forum?