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  1. real question here

    Domain is probably just down right now.
  2. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    This post is dumb. Like seriously promoting use of 3rd party tools.
  3. Ancient Cloaks 7/25/2018

    At least you still have your dragon weapon... oh wait.
  4. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    Some people play the game differently. Also the game is super p2w and just because you have the same items as a p2w warrior doesn't mean it is fun to fight those guys as pvp only lasts a few seconds instead of 5 to 10 minutes like they use to.
  5. Agathions

    It is true though they won't need to charge as much to make up for the lost profit each month for maintaining the servers. Key word is need though I do agree they could just keep charging the same amount plus charge subscriptions but that would be really crappy on customer relations side. GoD was a mistake anyway.
  6. Molensa PVE MODE ms Bsoe :))

    Im not saying they can't fight because you use skills like "flash", "Dispersion" ect what I am saying is these people you are fighting seem to be total trash at pvp.
  7. Agathions

    Subscriptions keep the prices of the items in the Lineage 2 store at a decent price. Sure one could see it as "omg they are milking the players from both sides" While others like myself see it as "Paying a sub fee could potentially lower prices in the Lineage 2 store from 100 dollars to 30 dollars". The reason the prices are so outrageously high on Lineage 2 NA is because we do not have a subscription system to log in. Sure one could say prestige pack but I don't believe this really counts as if you look at Innovas system they have a subscription system to launch another client. The first one is free but the rest cost money and if you look at the L2 store on innova prices in USD conversions is way less expensive then Lineage 2 NA.
  8. Molensa PVE MODE ms Bsoe :))

    It is interesting that these players don't really try to fight back. The ones that don't bsoe the delay on skills is ridiculous. You would think a mage would be face rolling his or her keyboard vs an archer or at least attempting to use more defensive skills other then arcane armor, or for god sakes try and run away for the archers skills to be down before 1v1. It really just shows how sad the pvp is in this game.
  9. Support Ticket need help

    You didnt give them any proof basically by not communicating through the in-game chat. It isn't unreasonable that ncsoft declined to restore your items with your evidence of using a 3rd party chat program to make a deal. You should always make last communications through the Lineage 2 chat before making a deal. Plain and simple take this as a learning lesson and move on.
  10. Classic Server

    Those were the good days. This is why playing in groups were super important so you have people to back you up in pvp. This game really use to bring people from around the world together and between you and me that is worth millions of tears of players who decide to solo adventure. We are stronger together.
  11. GM's ruining gameplay?

    @Truffle This is your update. Stop bugging the GMs and just accept the fact that the reversal should have never happened. Move on bro.
  12. GM's ruining gameplay?

    If you use the dev tracker you can find the solution to this specific issue. The thread was created specifically for Truffles claws as can be seen on page two from @Mutch84 the forum creator when he gets this thread back on track. The thread kept getting derailed by non verifiable information and accusations unless screenshots were provided from the people who made the request. I hope this is helpful!
  13. GM's ruining gameplay?

    @Neutron or @Conguero can we please just lock/close this thread as the resolution has already been reached and communicated . There is no point to continue the toxicity this topic is brewing up. Thanks.
  14. GM's ruining gameplay?

    Bro, I very much dislike Nova. I have fought them ever since they transferred back onto Sayha, then Chronos. I fought these guys for many many years. What I also dislike is people who think they deserve special treatment based on how much money they spend or time that they put into the game when it is their own fault for making a particular mistake. Get over yourself and stop spreading hate. I know you are pretty upset for spending the time and effort to making your stage 3 claws but instead of again blaming everyone how about you log into the game and use some problem solving skills to advance forward and stop crying about what has happened. Good Luck.
  15. GM's ruining gameplay?

    So you and your clan had intention to make a stage 3 weapon over countless hours of grinding and then once it was completed you and or your clan regretted upgrading a weapon once an event came out for a CHANCE to receive a low grade dragon weapon. It isn't the GMs fault your clan focused on to create a stage 3 weapon instead of either making a new one or upgrading a different weapon. This should be on you and the clan as it is stated there were countless hours that went into farming and no one once said "Hey lets make a new weapon or upgrade someone else instead of make one guy stronger"? Like seriously you can complain all you want about GMs but at the end of the it falls on you and your clan to use your problem solving skills when deciding on a big investment. Have A Good Day.