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  1. Nope, no thanks. It's becoming more and more obvious that the developers have no respect for us.
  2. Who comes up with these events? Beyond a waste of time.
  3. 4th of July

    Yes, that sounds nice. I like learning about other cultures. It would mean some interesting events and hopefully less of these recycled cash grabs disguised as 'events'.
  4. 4th of July

    Cool story bro. Welcome to the NA server, love it or leave it.
  5. WTF is new lvl 86 in TI

    @Juji More explanation about what happened. Something doesn't feel right.
  6. Baium Talismans next week?

    I have gotten there, on multiple toons. I'm concerned about the new players, the item should remain in store until they reach 80 and are able to claim it. This should not be a temp item that just makes strong players even stronger.
  7. Baium Talismans next week?

    Yes, cheap in L2 coins. But you have to be level 80. Do you think level 80 comes cheap?
  8. Baium Talismans next week?

    "LOW PRICE"?! lol Please tell the DEV's they suck at their jobs, btw.
  9. Aden mini game

    My theory is that the good drops become more rare the higher you progress through the 'races'. So when we first started event and everyone was still on races 1-10, we had higher probability of a good drop. Just seems more likely, considering how slow these developers are to react to anything. Additionally, after i got to the higher races it seems like I go to jail much more often.
  10. Thanks again for nothing:) Still waiting on you to actually fix stuff you changed/broke without giving an explanation: 1.) Selling materials to grocer 2.) Being able to see debuffs on mobs 3.) Crafting system/Dwarfs 4.) Macro system still not working like it originally did before you removed it. To keep telling us that "developers are listening to our ideas" is a straight up lie.
  11. There are no appropriate words to describe how terrible of an idea this is.
  12. Learn to Make Money

    This game is run by bad, greedy, and shortsighted people. Nothing more to it than that.
  13. Heartthrob Box - A Grade Wep

    lol, gotta love the dev team. Every update: Break 5 things and fix 1.
  14. Loosing players!

    Yup, game is officially dead after this latest P2W event. Talking Island is basically just bots, and a few random clan's fighting each other by exploiting overlooked/unfixed problems with raids bosses. Really sad, I loved this game and thought it had a chance. But greedy and lazy management of it decided otherwise. I never got to do Antharas on the original servers back in the day so I was really hoping that this server would survive that long, but nope
  15. P2W music box has?!?!?!? You really hate us low income players don't you? S-Grade Weapon Pack Double-click to obtain one of the S-Grade weapons. +10 A-Grade Armor Pack Double-click to obtain a +10 enchanted A-Grade armor.