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  1. The Wall Of Argos is an elemental attribute zone, it would be great xp for your party. You will want to stick to the lower level mob areas though, there are buffalo's that spawn after you kill other mobs that are great xp. (That area is just xp and Lcoins, so no adena.) For Adena areas: Most places are covered in bots and adena farmers. You will have to experiment with anywhere you can find an unoccupied spot that isn't also flooded with perma red pkers.
  2. Yup, don't worry though. Eventually the GM's in their brilliance will come along and change the quest requirements to ONLY 15 MOBS. It was their intelligent and NOT-lazy approach to fixing the exact same problem in Ruins Of Agony quest. /s This game is managed by rocket scientists who also work at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  3. Thanks for new hunting zones that are basically only for VIP/gear whales using full party 'advanced macros'. Keep sticking it to the casual player who only uses in game macros.
  4. I want the xp event to be extended too, BUT I'm also tired of seeing BOT mage's flying to level 90.
  5. Perhaps you should forward it to the appropriate department? Additionally, Code of conduct goes both ways. People have been reporting bots to the 'support team' for months and have yet to see it accomplish anything. So if a company doesn't keep up it's side of the 'code of conduct', what should be done next? Perhaps they should post in forums so it can gather momentum and have some transparency?
  6. So join Omega, invest in 3rd party programs,and then farm 1billion adena? sounds easy.
  7. So for this 'random' lucky draw event the people who are limited to 10 accounts have less chance of winning the good stuff?
  8. So if i kill a red pony summoner for harassing new players in lower level areas, that pker now gets my location? So they can load 10 more of their pker accounts and use the original as way to keep finding my location while sending the others to actually kill me? Have the people who developed this game actually ever FOOKIN' played it?!!? @Juji
  9. Certainly not towards the salary of a GM who actively patrols for bots.
  10. So why did you make it possible to auto sing/dance? So they can just run out of MP stacking songs and dances? Not useful at all if you can't wait for all previous skills to drop before rebuffing, it just keeps eating MP. Using a macro with a delay is still more useful, so what was the point of adding new function? You need to just make a 'party leader assist attack' button and just let us use the old macro's to do buff. Additionally, you have still not fixed the /attackstand command. It used to work but now it just gets overridden by auto hunt function, so you end up moving around re
  11. Same here, i had like 8/10 completed on all of them. Very frustrating... Another typical server update of '1 step forward, 2 steps backward'
  12. Nope, no thanks. It's becoming more and more obvious that the developers have no respect for us.
  13. Who comes up with these events? Beyond a waste of time.
  14. Yes, that sounds nice. I like learning about other cultures. It would mean some interesting events and hopefully less of these recycled cash grabs disguised as 'events'.
  15. Cool story bro. Welcome to the NA server, love it or leave it.
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