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  1. Heartthrob Box - A Grade Wep

    lol, gotta love the dev team. Every update: Break 5 things and fix 1.
  2. Loosing players!

    Yup, game is officially dead after this latest P2W event. Talking Island is basically just bots, and a few random clan's fighting each other by exploiting overlooked/unfixed problems with raids bosses. Really sad, I loved this game and thought it had a chance. But greedy and lazy management of it decided otherwise. I never got to do Antharas on the original servers back in the day so I was really hoping that this server would survive that long, but nope
  3. P2W music box has?!?!?!? You really hate us low income players don't you? S-Grade Weapon Pack Double-click to obtain one of the S-Grade weapons. +10 A-Grade Armor Pack Double-click to obtain a +10 enchanted A-Grade armor.