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  1. Just wanted to say again how awesome of a job you and the staff are doing! Happy Holidays Thanks again for all the time you put into communicating with the community and making this game so much better to play A+ job all around
  2. Anybody else notice that Forge of Gods XP and Wall of Argos XP has been reduced since the big update a few weeks ago? Seems to be around 30% to 40% less xp when killing monsters in these areas.
  3. They might have removed l2coin drops (possibly nerfed xp too) for some elemental areas Wall Argos, Forge of god , etc. Tested in forge of gods and didn't get a single l2coin. @Juji@Sunshine
  4. @Innis "Grow up a bit from such mentality"? You're the one shilling on here for this "game". Obviously you have really high standards when it comes to how you spend your money... /s Your music analogy would make sense if the band gave away a FREE CD but then said you had to pay money to listen to every second of it. And if you're not paying enough money then you only have access to the low quality songs on the album. Then you go on to say that it's his fault for not being able to afford 100 euros a month? smh
  5. The sooner that free events are over the sooner they can start milking people for more money. There is no way it will be extended.
  6. I agree, the servers should be merged already. Here is my fear though: They will no longer do any events/merges on classic servers that could jeopardize their profits on the Aden servers. So anything that could bring people back to classic is not in their best interest financially.
  7. Since the event started I am noticing a decreased enchant rate for the Aden talisman. Used to be pretty common to get one to +5 without much trouble. Now after about 50 tries, most seem to be breaking at around +3 and +4. Anyone else noticing a difference?
  8. @Madcryer "is not right that's life"? No, it's not 'life' , it's a video game that people invest money. So don't give me that tired 'life isn't fair' trope, that doesn't apply here. I don't know why apathetic people like the 2 posts above even come to comment. It seems you most likely want it changed back but are so jaded by the lack of response from developers that you just put down any suggestion( rather than group together in forums and try and change things) They probably won't listen, BUT i will say they did cave to the collective pressure when L2coin drops and macro lo
  9. Would be great if they were added to L2 coin shop. Or cheaply to the L2 store for NCcoin. Or do a temp add next week to the event that are tradable for gold bars. Please, and Thank you.
  10. The Wall Of Argos is an elemental attribute zone, it would be great xp for your party. You will want to stick to the lower level mob areas though, there are buffalo's that spawn after you kill other mobs that are great xp. (That area is just xp and Lcoins, so no adena.) For Adena areas: Most places are covered in bots and adena farmers. You will have to experiment with anywhere you can find an unoccupied spot that isn't also flooded with perma red pkers.
  11. Yup, don't worry though. Eventually the GM's in their brilliance will come along and change the quest requirements to ONLY 15 MOBS. It was their intelligent and NOT-lazy approach to fixing the exact same problem in Ruins Of Agony quest. /s This game is managed by rocket scientists who also work at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  12. Thanks for new hunting zones that are basically only for VIP/gear whales using full party 'advanced macros'. Keep sticking it to the casual player who only uses in game macros.
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