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  1. hey how are you i am an evi main (light armor) and im thinking which of the 3 summ to pick? can u tell me please and why? i see people want more the arcana in the end, is it right? have a nice day
  2. hello. im main evis and im looking for my dual and summoner is a good pick (same armor) but which of the three should i pick ? thnx
  3. well i think both of them solo and party? depends on the situation, i got an apoc dual dag +5 2sa 300 but idk is it good for now or I MUST HAVE a r99. or just reroll to summ and gg ;p ( i really dont like archer now plus with that short range nerf :/)
  4. hey kiss how are you yea i saw u around as a dagger but so hard to get daggers these days and mostly they are very welcome in grind parties. btw can u suggest me which to get as a dual class, dagger/archer/summoner? which of the daggers (de, elf. human or dwarf, im erthia race btw) and if summoner which of the three cats, ponnies or reapers? thnx ^^
  5. Wtb dual daggers r95 or r99, not very OE +7 or +8 max, 2sa 300. also if u want to trade with adena plus items (i have a r99 +7 2sa bow and some jewels). PM Kolinozi in the game. thnx
  6. Hello, My character currently is evi/archer but i was thinking to reroll my dual on assassin. Is it good for late game the assassin, in terms of pve cuz pvp i know its good. and which to pick out of 4 assassin (remember im ertheia class). Of course that i need tons of money, visa card etc etc but im most playing for fun, i have a gear r99 +6fe and currenly on the archer i have r99 +8 weapon. but i wanted to go assassin with duals. can you give me some tips plz and which of the 4 daggers to pick. p.s should i increase dex or str ? Have a great day.
  7. i hope they never increase it more than 3. 2 is better tbh
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