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  1. @Juji could you please update us on this? Could you provide an ETA on when killcount will be brought back?
  2. im not getting Orianna Coins

    I can confirm that my 40-ish lvl toons are not getting coins from draw rewards.
  3. Well, considering you've mentioned 20->76 on RBs and considering that at least on Giran (pretty sure the same is on TI) all of them are controlled by only few persons who do use "automation" to kill them fast, I can bet you are one of these few persons and ban does not seem unreasonable If I am wrong in my assumption and you were extremely lucky with raids and persons with automation had their stuff broken - my apologies. P.S. EULA literally says that they can ban without reason for whatever they want and are not even obliged to provide you reasons - 7(b) and 7(c).
  4. Drop and spoil recipe bug

    And now try recording this recipe and mouse over it It is funny bug
  5. targettoken command not working

  6. @Juji, this is absolutely unacceptable. A lot of people were killing elementals for months and now you've reset counter to 0? Do you realize what is 7, 8, 9 weeks of _real time_? If you are good in arithmetics you can say it is around 2 months (sometimes more, as sometimes these raids fail). I would appreciate if you could fix that unintentional reset during obviously needed emergency maintenance. Thanks in advance! -NeverDwarf
  7. Warsmith recipes

    Those recipes are not obtainable anymore. I have them recorded, so if you need craft them on Giran server - mail NeverDwarf ingame. -NeverDwarf
  8. PL Armor keys will be from Shindebarn (1.276% — 1.562%) (drop), PL Gaiters keys will be from Shindebarn (14.97% — 18.45%) (spoil), (0.1% — 0.5%) (drop)
  9. Disconnects every 24/h

    It could be related to routing if they are using some kind of reverse NAT - where you are provided different IPs based on the location or round robin or weather on Mars and then they deliver packets to and from real server.
  10. You didn't say "Yes, please transfer". It is reasonable to expect that they didn't.
  11. Trade Scams in Giran town

    They don't need to "walk in giran", they have database and all transactions are logged. It is more than easy for them to return items and punish scammers. They just don't want to. -NeverDwarf
  12. Classic Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    @Juji does that mean that you are deliberately misleading customers into thinking that it is discount, while in reality it is quite opposite? I think there are some laws in US which could make companies responsible for false advertisement and misleading customers. -NeverDwarf
  13. L2 Coin drop reduction

    I wonder if we still can get an update on this @Juji? Thanks in advance!
  14. You have to be reasonable in "conspiracy" theories. There is just simply no logical explanation on what NC wanted to improve by introducing 10 client limit - it is either they completely unaware and computer-illiterate and do not know anything about the game they are managing (including how bots work) (hard to believe) or they deliberately punish legit players. As 10 windows clients could not have affected bots in any way (except slight delay (I think it was around 4 hours?) to adapt to changes) and there is no any other reasonable explanation on why would NC want to introduce that limit - no other goals you could (theoretically) achieve except a) reduce number of bots (was obvious to anybody it won't work); b) make harder for legit players to farm adena to pay their shots and other expenses - this would boost adena sales. P.S. I mean it is too much and too systematic - actions by NC which punish legit players and benefit bots - to apply Hanlon's razor here. It is way too systematic.
  15. "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck." Every single change NC made recently (except very few) is directly benefiting (or not affecting/affecting temporarily) bots, but seriously punishes legit players. Based on analysis of changes NC made (except introduction of L2 Coin shop, but still, now they reduced drop l2 coins 3x) I'm 95.00% sure NC (or, to be correct - certain NC staff) gets their cut from various adena selling guys. -NeverDwarf