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  1. Can we just skip it? As prohibition of selling parts to the shop is not quite good. (tried to be polite)
  2. Hi, According to l2wiki it seems that all mobs which dropped or spoiled Recipe: Silver Arrow were deleted. Does anybody know if that's true or they added drop/spoil of this recipe to some other mob? Thanks in advance!
  3. Deleted some monsters that are irrelevant to the quests played in the Ruins of Agony and the Abandoned Camp. Skeleton Tracker Despite these are "irrelevant to the quests played in the Ruins of Agony and the Abandoned Camp", this one was the only one which could be spoiled for Recipe: High-grade Suede. Now only drop with a very small chance (<1%). I think you should bring Skeleton Tracker back.
  4. We (for now) probably avoided XIGNCODE3 yet, but it seems that NC West is probably going to use it. Here is the newest vulnerability in this malware: https://x86.re/blog/xigncode3-xhunter1.sys-lpe/ TL;DR: It basically allows anybody (skilful enough) on any site to get control of your computer if you have XIGNCODE3 running (you are playing game using XIGNCODE3).
  5. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    Thanks for finally noticing these concerns. Could you please provide detailed information on: 1. Which files are being scanned? 2. Which processes are being scanned? 3. Which data is being collected? 4. Which data is being sent? 5. How long do you store this data? 6. How can I request removal of this data? 7. How can I get detailed information about data which you collected about me? X. Can I sandbox it in a way so that it will be able to access ONLY LineageII data files and processes? Most people use their computers for some other activities, including some VERY private ones, banking for example. Most people don't want to have any other software, except one they specifically use for these activities to access this data. You failed to provide detailed technical information and from the information on XIGNCODE3 developer's site it is basically hard-to-remove keyloger/spy/trojan which sends a lot of data back to servers. Moreover, reading forums and discussions about other games which started to use it - the only thing which changes after they deployed this "anti-cheat" - slowdown and crashes for honest players, who don't use bots, while for bots it took less than couple of days to bypass this "anti-cheat". We were living with GameGuard for ages (for me - at least starting 2006 - you can check my account) - it proved to be ineffective, despite being quite intrusive - different types of bots, radars, etc were used all over the place. But we already kinda agreed to live with it, especially that it became a bit more stable at some point. Now you are introducing out of blue some untested (from technical point of view) spyware without providing _ANY_ details on what exactly it does. As additional bonus - it is known to crash game and prevent other software from functioning correctly (and you admitted that you had those crashes and had to rollback). I'm posting this not because I want to bash you or whatever, I'm posting this because of concerns of privacy, legality as well as user experience. I would appreciate if you could answer my questions and address my concerns. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    1. I know, I started on Teon. Technically it was US server with physical location in Europe. But still US server. 2. It is fully russian-controlled, I don't want to have anything to do with russians. 3. Actually - no. EU can conduct independent investigation, they don't need somebody to complain. 4. ToS cannot be an excuse if it contradicts the law.
  7. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    1. There was NO EU servers when I started playing this game back in 2006. 2. There is NO EU servers now, they are russian servers. I won't play on russian servers for some pretty obvious reasons. 3. It does not matter what NC West thinks/claims - if any EU resident (you don't even have to be a citizen) plays game with this malware (XIGNCODE3) active - they already got themselves several million of fines, does not matter if they remove it or not. 4. The only way out - is to provide a way to opt out of this spyware + way to remove whatever they collected on request.
  8. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    From what I read so far XIGNCODE3 is keylogger/spy/trojan program, which scans memory and personal files on computer, then sends this information back to the servers. I have to let you know that this is illegal under GDPR law in EU and you should provide a way to opt out of this malware being installed as well as sending any information to your servers. Breaking this law might (and will) impose multi-million fines imposed by EU government. Could you provide me with instructions on how to remove XIGNCODE3? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    Yeah, seems like some Chinese spying tool which will be able to gather all info, including passwords, your files and so on. I hope there will be a way to sandbox it, so that it won't have access to anything except L2 binary.
  10. Lineage II - July Preview

    This sounds like introducing spyware, which will scan you computer and send personal information to NCsoft and their "partners". Can we have precise description of activities this "new tool" (I suspect it might be a tool from your russian counterpart) will perform and ways to limit it's access to our files, processes and so on? Thanks.