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  1. Best raid boss is one which can be killed by legitimate players. Unfortunately such bosses are mostly extinct, as most of raid bosses are being farmed in a fully automated way by people who NC fails to ban even after years of them doing so.
  2. Ehm, you forgot to put an article describing next p2w event? What is that sale?
  3. Thanks again for (at least temporarily - I guess it is just a matter of time when they will figure out the way to circumvent the security measures introduced) removing bots! This is really very good positive change, I hope this will enable new/returning (nostalgic) players returning to this game! Really good job NC! But on the other hand, I don't understand why you limit number of clients - when there was no GameGuard - botters were able to easily bypass it - it didn't stop them, only affected legitimate players and they needed to buy another PC, which adds to e-waste, additional car
  4. Is there any question? Of course Maestro
  5. Just wanted to note that 'Kakai' should be excluded as in Russian this is said when somebody asks somebody else to poo
  6. Hi @Juji, As I've previously reported - there is an issue - when Sealed Runes lvl 1 were removed from VIP coin shop without ANY warning in patch notes, so I've assumed they will stay there and I would be able to spend 220k+ (~$4000-$5000 worth of VIP) VIP coins to buy them. I also have several other VIP9/10 accounts which have total of probably $10k worth of additional VIP coins. I've been advised by support that those were removed _temporarily_ to address other issue with old runes exchange. Now that you've forcefully exchange old runes to new ones and exchange is not needed anymore
  7. So, you have sale and it is not possible to buy NCoins? @Juji "This web site is currently under maintenance.Please check back soon."
  8. No need, but game still allows to do this two ways. Through essence and through special craft. In essence case payment is +10 jewel + small adena fee, in special craft - just 100kk adena. That person made a mistake, I think it would be fair if they could give back the ring, but it is not a bug per se.
  9. You probably need +10 Phoenix Ring in addition to Essence to exchange. There are three menu items: - Rare Upgrade (Paid and rare items) - Normal upgrade - Special Upgrade I don't remember precisely which one, but one of these works. Item you will be upgrading is Phoenix Ring +10, while Queen Essence + some adena is the payment for this upgrade, you are not upgrading essence. P.S. You could have saved yourself some hassle (but have paid 100kk) if you exchanged through special crafting (two hammers icon on the bottom right), but that's too late now.
  10. Character: NeverDwarf Server: Giran Doing: Sightseeing with friends
  11. Thanks for the update! What about bringing back Sealed Runes lvl 1 to VIP coin shop (or Aden Soul Crystals lvl 1 for that matter)? I have 220k+ of VIP coins I planned to use for this and now can't, this removal was not mentioned in Patch Notes. If it was, I would have bought them before the maintenance.
  12. Essence is extreme P2W by design, this does not mean same should be applied to Classic.
  13. Skill Armor Crush does not consume HP anymore, only MP, while it should consume both HP and MP, please check and fix that, as this is one of the tools Titans and Grand Khavataris need Physical classes extreme nerf: Soulshot damage nerfed (that you already know). You can't say "fixed an issue to make damage match the description" after this "issue" was there for 1.5 years and it is major part of gameplay There is no replacement for (at least) Othell Runes (which added fixed amount to P.Critical, i.e. Othell Super Focus added +325), so-called "replacement" crystal gives
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