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  1. Inspired by neighbor Kain topic - who are from Teon/Naia here? I mean from old times of RedZerg and so on I'm from small, but proud ally FieryRage -Nevermind
  2. It seems that US sale was widely advertised (even in-game system messages on login), while european was just silently posted on the front page without any announcement on forums. Good job NC. https://www.lineage2.com/news/may-day-sale
  3. Recipe: Quality Leather is from Diry Wyrm in SoS (~1/9 proba spoil) They removed soulshots grades, removed ability to craft soulshots, made soulshots non-tradable. So mostly we, dwarves, are useless now As for the Kamaels - I think by the last adequate chronicle (Hi5) there were Kamaels already, no? -NeverDwarf
  4. But those which are already bought will still be available until their expiration date, right?
  5. There is no pet managers anymore, as they removed pets. If you need it for beast shots - Grocery sells them, but it is separate entry in the menu.
  6. 1. Because it is impossible to reliably AFK XP/farm with low number of windows. You don't want to depend on other people for your farm unless absolutely necessary. You will understand this as you will progress through levels. 2. Limit of number of clients per PC is useless from technical perspective - this will cause problems only for legitimate players, while those who are using bots won't care at all about this limit, as they have a way to circumvent this limit or not using client at all. 3. Worst case scenario for them (and for legit players) would be increase of contribution to g
  7. Nope. Supports were getting coins until after they broke it in recent update.
  8. Same "fix" was deployed to RU Classic. Tested there - only DDs are getting L2 coins. Seems they misunderstood what the problem was and this comes from the fact that they are mostly focused on Essence (and probably a bit on live) and in these versions everyone is DD. And these new developers they've hired just don't know that supports (usually) do not do any damage. -NeverDwarf
  9. Thanks, but that is not what is broken. What is broken is that party members who do not hit mobs at all (you know, supports, that's type of role in party - bishop, SE, EE, WC, etc) are not getting L2 coins. Before you broke it - every party member was randomly getting L2 Coins, not only those dealing damage. I would appreciate if you could fix that. Thanks in advance! -NeverDwarf
  10. @Juji@Hime After starting launcher and launching game people are getting message "Authentication server is down. Please try again." and client closes. Please fix it! Olympiad is happening, people get disconnected and can't log in back. Thanks in advance!
  11. Level 3 of these skills you get by increasing level of your char. If your are not mixing them with lvl 4 skills. Then you need masterbooks. They are dropped in TOI.
  12. Maybe you did, but party members still do not get L2 coins, only attacking characters. Supports left with nothing.
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