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  1. My assumption here is that this is probably a mistake and should read as: We decided to ban all bots who are farming adena in Ruins of Agony to allow players to complete the quest 'Beginning of Adventure'
  2. Mass DC - 05.25.2020

    And here we go again, another mass d/c now.
  3. So, Classic becomes new Live... Seriously? Sad. RIP Classic...
  4. Baium Talismans next week?

    You had a lot of time to get there. Or you want get all top items on lvl 1?
  5. Baium Talismans next week?

    16 L2Coins ?
  6. Hello, everybody! Congrats to all screenshot contest winners - Paleo, Bladez, Venegence! I have some concerns about quality of the screenshots of the several winners, but, that's what we can't fix. Considering all non-US/non-Canada players were left without any option to participate, let's post our screenshots?
  7. Hello @Juji After today's update almost all of items obtained from Aden tour mini-game got an expiry date. I believe this is bug/honest mistake and should be fixed. Could you please provide ETA on when this is going be fixed? Other than that - event was great, one of the best I remember, thanks for that! -Nevermind
  8. Thank you, everything seemed okay. Up until today's update. When (almost) all event items (including feathers) got expiration date. Before that they were permanent and people (like me) were saving these for when they will be really useful/needed. @Juji I think it is honest mistake/bug and items people got from event should not expire.
  9. Juji's gran-gran-granny? :)

    And if this a real portrait of @Juji
  10. While travelling around the world I've found this. I wonder how Ju Ji (Julia Ji?) is related to Martha Ji, who died 1841.
  11. Thanks for fixing this!
  12. One more issue: - Servitors of other players do not show names (just empty space between two "balls"), while when targeted - shows correct name. Not sure it is only me or everybody, tho
  13. You can actually get cheap Soulshot tickets (30 per day) from the L2 Coin shop. Should cover most needs (you get 15k beast SS per day). If something more - sorry, spend more money and buy from shop. I think right now the balance is good.
  14. I know it is not directly related to this release, but I would note that as EU Classic was closed, they are also going to delete l2wiki and replace it with (Russian-only) another knowledge database for L2 Classic. And yes, I'm aware they it was not quite accurate and not up-to-date, but it is (soon - was) a great asset. You might think about creating something similar or taking over English version from them. Thanks again for you doing great job and listening to us and that at least few quite important things were implemented, keep improving!