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  1. Maybe you did, but party members still do not get L2 coins, only attacking characters. Supports left with nothing.
  2. Mission Existing Reward Siege Participation (Clan Level 3+, Character Level 40+) 20 Clan XP Siege Action Chest x3 @Juji @Himeseriously? 20 clan XP? Maybe you didn't adjust values? You launch event and does not even make sure it makes sense...
  3. NC knows precisely who uses bot. XIGNCODE3 which is the part of the game client detects bots and provides that information to NC. They literally have dashboard on their side where they can see how many bots there are and who they are. NC just chose not to ban them.
  4. @Jujiit is not just they are not dropping in Elemental Zones - they don't drop in some other zones as well as _party members_ don't get any coins, only attacker, as well as droprate is significantly lowered.
  5. Just to make sure it is also noted - in areas where L2 coins still drop - only characters which are actively attacking mobs are getting L2 coins, not other party members, fix that as well.
  6. I'm from Classic - we have the same problem, so it is not related to whatever is doing something ingame, including bots.
  7. On a side note - it would be useful if NC provided more technical details, as lots of players are quite tech-savvy and experienced Would reduce number of hate-comments a lot. It generally helps to be more open
  8. Well, from the phrasing Hime used it seems that he says they are being (D)DoSed on the network side (servers run smoothly, but latency increased) and high traffic and/or packet count causes this. I don't think outdated bots might cause such traffic.
  9. @Jujimaybe you need to hire some people who know something about networking and fix this once and for all? Fix d/c problem
  10. And how your investigation is going? L2 coins still do not drop. It is already 5 days you are investigating. I guess any customer-oriented company would already fail if they didn't solve customer problem within five days. NC just got used that we are addicted to L2 and they can be as slow as possible, ignore customers and provide no proper feedback. Question is: when you will fix L2 coin drops? Please provide the date and time when this will be fixed. Thanks in advance! P.S. Please note, that question is not "what are you doing ?" (with the answer - "investigating"), b
  11. To unseal A grade you need item called Cloth Piece. And, to be honest, it is not worth unsealing A-grade jewelry, as cloth pieces cost more than the unsealed jewlery people get from random craft.
  12. Excuro, 0.1-0.5%, drop in Cruma
  13. Hey, @Hime, @Juji Is that intended that nobody can answer in this forum section? I don't think so, please fix this Thanks!
  14. These cases are quite rare though. And you can actually easily test this in game by changing attribute and seeing the difference in damage.
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