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  1. Drop EWB (enchant weapon b-grade)

    Is it that one? https://l2wiki.com/classic/A_Game_of_Cards Just description of rewards are little bit different. Anyway, i am missing a lot of quest ;-( What to do between 55 and 70? Just exp?
  2. Drop EWB (enchant weapon b-grade)

    Thx a lot for info. Do you know name of that quest? Or any side where i can find informations about it?
  3. Hello all. I have a question. I was wondering how to get EWB. Based on l2 wiki only way is to beat raid boss, or from olympiad (too far for now). Is that really only way? As i remember old l2, there were some mobs with chance to drop it. Even with low chance, but there always a chance. Now i cannot drop it? Thx for any advices and ... merry christmast πŸ˜‰
  4. It s funny, that support tell you that. That quest works. Just don t kill "Nos lad", but try to run in water and kill some of that easy monster. Sometimes group of 2 to 5 "Nos" appear. Kill them to get quest points.
  5. Quests after 76

    Hi. today i check l2 wiki about quest over 76, and there was just 1 quest. All quests disapier? Is there a change to get S - grade recipes how it was before? ( i remember war with Varka / Ketra orcs) I am still far away from that level, but i hope there is a chance to get S grade items somehow ☺ Thx for any information / source of ibformations.
  6. I apologize, if i miss some information, but really this pendats are only buyable by l2store? So only pay customer get an advantage from hi level pendats, all others no? I am really new in l2 (just lvl 32), but i imagination about f2p is little bit different. Of course pay customers can get pentant to lvl 5 and +10 imidiately, but all others should have option to get them somehow. Througt boss, or some hard quesΕ₯ with random reward, but it should be the way get it free. If there is no way, then it start to make big diference between f2p and paying costomers (and also between them) and balance is lost. How you see it? Or i miss something? If this is Ε₯he way how it works, it s maybe time to look for another game 😁 thx for opinion...
  7. Adena earning

    S grade packs in events? That event could broke a game 😊 These weapons are time limited, or normal? I try fishing today and this not make me rich , as i don t want to run computer whole night. But it s good for afk especially during weekend, as i often play with little son 😊 I will play slowly, i don t want to be super player and i will see. For now i buy some cheao d-grade bow, which allow me to continue playing 😊 Thx all for help.
  8. Adena earning

    Thx a lot for an advice. I am not so hardcore player as i make lvl 29 in 2 weeks ;-) I will try that fishing and will let you know, if that works. I start play in Giran... it looks best for my timezone. How old are these servers? A lot of people have S grades...
  9. Adena earning

    So tomorrow is my last day with 15-days duals and i was not able to save to chepeast D grade bow. So don t know what to do... Start another character? Ijust don t want use that afk bots ;-( P.
  10. Adena earning

    I start game few days ago and i my duals i get soon run out of time. Also soulshot i get as novice run out. Adena i drop is not enought for soulshot, not even for new weapon 😊 So after my fuals disapier, i should go back no no grade weapon and fight without shots? Or something i miss out? Any idea how to make adena? Or any quest?
  11. Bots?

    I dont want to make illegal bots. I want to enjoy game. But these bots makes me quite few years ago ;-( Hopefully higher lvls area will be not filled with bots. If yes, that s end for me ;-(
  12. Information

    Thx for advice... i really appreciate this. Is that bots legal? It s sad, there is not so much quests, as i like to do that. Is there a list of weapons and guns? What is max lvl? What is save enchant?
  13. Bots?

    I started few days ago and get lvl 22 and port to ruin of agony. And there is plenty that "chars with horses" grinding all minions whole day long. It looks like a bots there. Is that normal in game? Hard to believe for me, there is so much players at that levels doing hours and hours the same.
  14. Information

    thx a lot. At least give me information about weapons and armor that exists in game...
  15. Information

    Where i can get some information about game - i mean this classic? What armors / weapon exist (or at least item database with description). Info, how to get that items quest informations - info about rewards... all other thinks about game I play l2 severals years ago, so something i remember, but now i don t know, where si game now and what it s possible to do... Thx for any advice.