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  1. I don't understand why NCSOFT insist in make always the wrong choice. NCSOFT, as a company, you need to understand that the people who still play this game are older, nostalgic people who really love to play L2. Look to the number of active players and you will understand. Compare with another online games. L2 is old and the people like L2 this way. When you decide to make this kind of change, you aren't inviting new players to play, and you are making the actual active players have no pleasure to remain. Is this your desire? If you still making this kind of change, the future is ver
  2. Are you kiding? I saw Beppler's video You without your items are nothing. It's easy to see that players with good items destroy you.
  3. I'm not saying that World Olympiad needs to have an end. I'm just saying that I believe that is fair if the players remaining being heroes on their own servers. Of course that Stanx will not agreed with this, because this means the end of his dynasty.
  4. As I know that you like to receive ego massage, I'll start giving you the congratulations for your hero. Now, I need to tell: You are a joke. You say it because you are one of those who dominates the server, and this is indifferent for you. By the way, the server is that way because we have people like you, who just think in yourself. A greek who has the brilliant idea to compete with south americans, who don't have the same chance ($) to compete with you. By the way, you and the other 3. Just for information, 1 euro = 4,57 reais (brazilian money). And Brazilian economy is one
  5. I want to understand the logic of this World Olympiad Games. I was thinking that the best of each server will remain being heroes, but just the best of all servers are. Aden and Gludio are new servers comparing to TI and Giran. Maybe this explains that from all heroes, just 6 (less than 18%) are from Gludio and Aden. What's the logic? Just to bring some information: Gludio has 90% active players using B grade; Who has A grade are, in most cases, from the same clan, controled from 4 or 5 players, who has the server on their hands; You will note that the people who
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