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  1. High grade suede recipe

    L2 team did that on purpose to stop people to craft everything.
  2. Spoil recipes

    @Jujiwhy there is a lack of information about the game? Is it designed to be like that?
  3. Aden castle

  4. BOTS

  5. Spoil recipes

    I have a lot of keys like avadon, zubei and BW. I just need to find a place where drops or be able to spoil the Rec.
  6. Spoil recipes

    I have searched Recipe: Sealed Avadon Circlet (60%) but it has no information at all on l2wiki.com. But I saw people are selling. Where I can find this information.
  7. Could anyone tell where I can find the mob that drops/spoil Avadon Circle or Blue Wolf Helmet recipe 60%? And where these information are collected? I could not find it on l2wiki.com