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  1. new exchange system

    Your asking for the auction house? If so ..its probably b/c this was version of the game was sold to us as "Classic." Still trying to see whats Classic about this version of the game. Not sure if they will ... maybe if everyone asks for it.
  2. Titan skills USELESS

    Wazon, Slow your roll.... Diskahan is correct, in auto hunt macro, the titan is basically useless for major dps. Played live is a different story. Its not so much the Titans fault but the insanely ineffective macro system, which seems to be created for solo play really. Frenzy is about the extent of macro play with overthebody every 15 mins? so not to bad, but can't compete with 3rd party software... too bad.
  3. Current Update/Next Update

    Agreed!! When is the next update? !! and fix all this!! @Juji
  4. Aden castle

    What the hell happened to lineage 2... It was built around castles, pvp, raids.. When you load the damn game you still see images of aden castle BUT they removed all sieges but giran...?? Where does this make any sense.. I know NA classic team cant do shit but at-least reach out to the devs and tell them NA players want their castles back, We want our pvp back, We want lineage 2 back. @Juji
  5. Auction House

    gludio dead server anyways.. Only luck youll have is a server merge lol.. But have to wait on the devs becuase these people running NA cant do jack crap.. @Juji
  6. Yeah this is so dumb black friday sale, all shyt... lol @Juji
  7. Clearly there needs to be a server merge, TI server the market is dead. A lot of people quit. Lineage 2 use to be about pvp, castle sieges, olympiad. And all that is messed up.. One castle siege? We need all the castles back, Hardly any pvp at all.. Siege day there is no one there. Bunch of macro looping bots. @Juji Clearly yall have no say or can control what happens to the game, which is sad and depressing.. L2 is not the same...
  8. No heroes on this cycle?

    ingame says 10 matches
  9. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    Its starting to become a trend with L2 support staff. I'm sure everyone understands!