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  1. 5 hours ago, Gizzer said:

    Clearly you do not have the mentality to play Lineage 2. I see no reason for people to use bots, its all about macro auto XP, it is a feature of the game so, are there a lot of toons around? yes, do they use bot? no reason to. Do you have to spend money? Sure you have, play it smart and you will be fine.

    Play a support and you will get invited to parties and lvl fast, buy budget items that allow you to survive and enjoy L2 and buy good items during events that  prices drop really low. As a DD you will need tons of adena to gear up and do damage. The times when all you needed was a draconic bow, maj light set and an AQ are long gone, like 13 years ago....

    Finally, those spenders play for years, you want to catch up to them without spending anything? 

    Play a support????

    I dun think any party need ISS and Healer.

    Most have own high level ISS ( level 108 or higher), which is tough to level. Unless you are willing to spend USD600 to 800 hundreds dollars to buy XP rune..XP pots..Prestige pack and box with 1 DD and grind for 12mths to 16mths for level 108 and above.


    As for Healer... its even worse.. no party need healer at all.

  2. EPIC FAIL i call it. This game gonna be close to the worst game been managed in MMORPG soon enough.

    Not going to pay anything more than 40bil for a +10 Cloak. Better off with Exalted cloak i guess.

    No worry Exalted Cloak lvl 2 coming in the new Expansion/Update.


    Dun think anyone will  buy Elmoreden PVP cloak anymore cos its totally useless.

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  3. Those who played Korea server or know how to read korean always have a upper hand. Its always the case. They always make lots of $ cos they know before hand what is in the new expansion. Good luck trying to find an over-enchant R99 weapon now in the server.

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